InternDIVA: Backstage Beauty with Nathan Johnson for Leanne Marshall SS15

InternDIVA: Backstage Beauty with Nathan Johnson for Leanne Marshall SS15
Beauty Look for Leanne Marshall SS15
Leanne Marshall received heavy and deserved applause once again for her ethereal and fairy-like SS15 collection, which toyed with silky sheer fabrics, draped chiffon capes, asymmetrical A-line gowns and shoulder-accentuated floral crop-tops. From head to toe, each model was wearing something outstanding and chat-worthy – and that included her unexpected beauty look crafted by lead artist Nathan Johnson. While the white eyeliner trend has long enjoyed popularity, Johnson redefined the look and took it to a whole other level. Rather than a highlight to the eyes to complement a bold lip; this time, it was 110% all about the eyes.
We were dying to know more about the thick white eyeliner + dotted cat-eye combo because it was something so unique and graphic. Luckily after attending the show, we were able get the 411 directly from Johnson himself behind this never-before-seen artistic makeup application!
Q. What inspired you to create that unique white cat-eye?

A. Leanne and I wanted something that was a bit alien. We wanted the focus of the face to be the eyes, but not for the usual reasons. 

Q. What products were used to create the look?

A. The lower lash line was framed with a thick, hard line of white pencil. It swept out into a cat – from the lower lash, not the upper – and was followed by 2 dots. The upper lid was white shadow, applied strongly on the lid and diffused up to the brow. The skin was made dewy by Aveda liquid foundation. And a soft pink was used on the lips. There was no blush, contour or mascara used. 

Q. Tell us about how you think the makeup for Leanne’s models brought all of the looks together.

A. I don’t think the make-up brought it together, but I do think that it complemented it. Leanne’s collection was very cohesive, which made it incredibly easy to create an ethereal–not of this earth–look to complement it.

Q. Would you have done anything differently and if so, why?

I would have made an announcement at the beginning: MODELS, do not sneak into the bathroom and add mascara or blush! We have created a look to compliment the collection, please do not alter it. Most were professional enough not to do it, but several had to be redone at the last minute because they thought they knew better. It was a little frustrating.

Q. How was it working with Leanne on putting the makeup and beauty looks together for the show?

A. We have the time of our lives doing it. This year was actually one of the hardest. We had so many ideas that we settled on it at 4am the night before the show. We are starting to go in a bolder direction, so it opens up in a whole new and creative way. 

Q. What do see in store for next years show?

A. That will depend entirely upon the magic Leanne creates. I know we are loving the bolder approach, so I think we can expect that in some way. There is something rather extreme we have been flirting with, perhaps it will come to life next year.

Q. Anything else you’d like to share with us?

A. At first glance, this look may seem unwearable, but it really is! Wear only the white on top and dress it up with a colored eyeliner…line the lower lash line in white and wear a colored shadow on top. To wear the trend, you only have to pull an element of it into your look.




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