InternDIVA: Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Review

InternDIVA: Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Review

For years, I have been in a constant battle with my skin. I’ve dealt with the worst of the worst – from rocking the “chapped mustache” look for ALL THREE YEARS of my middle school experience (something most people have encountered at the age of 4…), to constant break outs, I think it’s safe to say my skin has remained my arch-enemy. The amount of trips to the dermatologist and money dropped on top dollar skin care products (that have only lead to disappointment) is CRINGE worthy. However, it looks like the Skin Gods have finally answered my prayers!!

After hearing great things from a fellow co-worker (feeling just as fed up with personal skin problems as I am), my fabulous mother ran out to the health food store and brought me home a little bar of soap that would soon change my skincare game forever!  

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap has been a TOTAL miracle worker for me… and it’s only been one week since my first use. 

   DAY 1

This deep cleansing soap has been used in Africa for centuries as a cure for skin ailments including acne, eczema, oily skin, and more. The African Black Soap is made from an array of key ingredients including palm ash, tamarind extract, tar and plantain peel, along with oats, aloe and Vitamin E. This powerful combo of properties mixed with the almighty shea butter results in a skin cleanser that is not to be reckoned with!

The soap was super gentle on my skin, and I saw results almost immediately after my first wash! The soap reduced the redness created by my marks and blemishes pretty rapidly, and has really helped to control my constant breakouts. It has left my face feeling clean, refreshed and smelling sweet (according to my boyfriend <3). 

Besides having such a positive personal experience with this product, this product is affordable too! At my local health food store, the soap retailed for $5.00. However, not all health food stores may carry this specific brand/product. Not to worry – it is just as easy and affordable to order online! You can find this African Black Soap on websites including,,, etc. retailing from $2.99-$3.99 online. 

Even though one week might seem like a short amount of time to really put a product’s efficiency to the test, my results have been AMAZING so far! I couldn’t help but share this new personal discovery with the Diva World!! 



The healing process definitely requires both time and patience, and though far from perfect, my skin has experienced a considerable transformation for the better. My skin feels healthier and more radiant than ever before. I give this lovely bar of soap five stars! OF COURSE, everyone’s skin is different, and reacts differently to certain products. However, being someone who has struggled for years to find a product that won’t irritate or harm my skin, I understand the frustration that comes from finding the perfect product. Seeing how sensitive and easily aggravated my skin can be, and also seeing how great this product has personally worked for me, I hope that my little discovery helps all of you Divas out there who understand how REAL the struggle can be!

Enjoy :)



  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Wow, what an amazing transformation even just to start after a week!!! The skin gods do exist :)

    Also, gotta love the boyfriend shoutout. XOLC

  2. Marlena Sirois

    They really do :)


  3. Jessica Angeles

    WAIT. This soap is pure magic. I myself fight with eczema (is it me or is it an Asian thing?), even on my face. Def need to try this out!

  4. Marlena Sirois

    It’s worked so well for me! I struggled with eczema when I was younger (def an Asian thing), but now my bigger problem is breakouts/acne. I highly recommend trying it out!! 

  5. 22jg8m93tmsl2

    can you post an update of your skin? I have quite severe acne as well. :( Similar to yours. I’m thinking of trying out this soap!

  6. Marlena Sirois

    Absolutely!! I understand the struggle, and will be happy to give you a current update :)

  7. Lauren Cosenza


    Thanks for your note! Marlena’s update will be posted shortly! 


  8. Kiko

    Hi do you still using this soap?

    • Marlena Sirois

      Hi Kiko!

      So sorry for the delayed response, but yes!! I still use this soap religiously

  9. mira

    Is this soap can help with whitehead problem on nose? And since you basically dont have acne anymore, do you think this soap still suitable to use till now?

    • Marlena Sirois

      Hi Mira!

      I still experience break outs occasionally for a variety of reasons (products that don’t agree with my skin, bad air quality, etc.). I think this soap is definitely still suitable to use! I use it almost every day.

      In terms of white heads on the nose — white heads have never been a huge issue for me. After doing some research though, I feel that this soap could help tackle this issue and think it’s worth a try. It’s great for sensitive skin and has helped to soothe/heal a variety of ailment so I’d say go for it!

      • mira

        Thanks for the answer. Really appreciated it :) since you already use this soap almost two years, so I think it is a good soap and I’m gonna try it. Hopefully it works well on my skin :)

  10. mira

    Btw, how many time do you this soap per day?

  11. Madison Walker

    Thank you for such a wonderful article dear and from my side I want to say that i am using shea butter soap from long and its really effective. This hydrating bar soap is specially formulated with Manuka Honey creates a moisturizing barrier to hydrate skin. Mafura Oil helps replenish oils stripped from skin and African Rock Fig leaves skin looking vibrant.