InternDIVA: Stay Silky Smooth with Soften Her Pads

InternDIVA: Stay Silky Smooth with Soften Her Pads

There’s no denying how amazing freshly shaved skin feels. While I can’t help but find it necessary to flaunt my stubble-free legs, maintaining that buttery-smooth goodness can be a serious hassle. I mean let’s be real… My legs are really only able to remain clear of prickles for 2 days.

Especially with this summer’s arrival, I want to be able to maintain beautifully soft skin, without the burden of constantly having to fully shave.

Thanks to Soften Her my morning routine will be significantly shortened!


These compact, hypoallergenic, easy-to-use smoothing disks help to soften the hair on your body, saving you a 15-minute razor sess — game… changing. Just by dedicating a #whopping 30 seconds to a specific area, we can say goodbye to any sharp hairs on our body, along with preventing in-grown hairs.

Soften Her pads can literally (and I mean literally) be used anywhere on your body. From legs, to underarms, and even intimate areas, these smoothing disks really do the trick. Placing my index and middle fingers under the strap, I lightly pressed against my skin, using a circular motion for 15 seconds going clockwise, and then another 15 seconds going counter clockwise.


It’s recommended to always use on clean areas, so I exfoliated with Soften Her pads after showering. I was sure to only press gently, because forceful pressure may cause skin irritation. Each Soften Her box includes three of the smoothing pads, each lasting up to 2 months. For only $11.99, that’s a serious steal — 6 months of prickle-free skin? I think yes!!

Soften Her is seriously a life saver! Especially during these summer months, I can be saved the burden of constantly having to go back and take care of any areas on my skin with sharp, uncomfortable hairs. This alternative is super fast, effective and convenient. What more could a Diva want??

Stay silky this summer!! XO

– Marlena

Note: This post is not sponsored. Products were provided for review. All thoughts and images are unbiased and my own.