InternDIVA: End of Summer Blues

InternDIVA: End of Summer Blues

After a Summer filled with new discoveries, it’s time for a little reflection!

I came across a number of amazing products in the past few months that have become my new go-to’s on a regular basis. Here are four of my personal Summer favorites in shades of B L U E.

American Apparel Nail Lacquer

I give this polish a double thumbs up!! Though I do love treating myself to a Shellac mani on occasion, it isn’t always convenient for me to spend $30+ at the nail salon. It’s crucial to live by the term “ballin’ on a budget” when you’re a college student, and this polish has been an awesome alternative for a quality DIY mani. From past experience, regular polishes have slacked when it comes to long wear, application and payoff. AAs line of polishes comes in an array of unique shades that can seriously perform. The application is smooth, the lacquer is rich (no joke, only needed one coat) and the formula dries super fast. Along with the regular polish line, American Apparel also has a line of glittersmetallicsneonssheersglow in the darks and even a matte top coat. These polishes retail for $7.00, and can be found both in stores & on American Apparel’s website!

Plastic Telephone Cord Hair Ties

These hair ties have been a true life saver for me this Summer. After reading Jessica’s Mixed Chicks Spring Bands review, I knew I had to get my hands on a pack of these! Ironically at a family get-together last month, my 7-year-old cousin happened to have a ton of these hair ties and let me keep one for myself since I loved them so much (THANK YOU Navya)!! These hair ties truly keep your hair both tangle free and secure. My hair immediately dents after putting it up in a ponytail or bun, which is a huge buzzkill especially if I’m only looking to keep my hair out of the way temporarily. These hair ties leave my hair dent-free, almost as if I had never put my hair back in the first place! Though I’m not sure of the exact brand of Navya’s hair ties, you can find these babies almost anywhere online. I googled “telephone cord hair ties” and found a ton of results, all for dirt cheap prices ranging from $1.23-$8.99. Especially for this upcoming school year, I recommend purchasing a pack of these ties, assuring your hair is the least of your problems!

OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray

This sea salt spray is THEEEE best. I recently went with the spontaneous decision to cut off 5 inches from my hair, and though I do love my new look, styling has been a little more difficult than usual. My hair tends to be on the silkier side (though I’m not complaining), which makes it tricky to successfully work looks such as a top knot. I just don’t have much grip. With a spritz of this spray, my hair gains automatic texture and volume. It’s amazing for styling, or even pulling off an effortless beach-wave look! You can pretty much find this product at any grocery or drug store. It’s available online (websites including , , etc.) and in stores such as CVSRite Aid and even Stop & Shop

Oversized Hobo Bag

What could be a better backdrop for my fav Summer products than my new vibrant blue vegan “leather” bag? Trying to incorporate more color into my style, I felt this bag would be the perfect addition to my slowly but surely upgraded style. This oversized vegan leather hobo has compartments that are suitable for both a day at the library or a night out with friends. I found this gem at Urban Outfitters, and it can be purchased online and in stores. This chic oversized hobo bag sells for just $59! It’s my favorite Summer/back to school find thus far, and will definitely be used for both my textbooks and personal essentials this Fall!

– Marlena

Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. All photos are my own.