InternDIVA: IT Cosmetics IT-O2 Ultra Repair Liquid Oxygen Foundation

InternDIVA: IT Cosmetics IT-O2 Ultra Repair Liquid Oxygen Foundation

With the colder months on their way, keeping the face looking fresh and hydrated is essential. And if you’re a college student like me, you know that getting regular facials with a busy schedule never works out. So at-home scrubs, masks, and serums have become my best friends. Still while these products certainly perform well, they don’t always show immediate and visible results. Well I’ve recently tested a product that does, and you can apply it just before you leave the house. 

I present to you, IT Cosmetics’ first ever liquid foundation, IT-O2 Ultra Repair Liquid Oxygen Foundation, a product that sure knows how to exceed expectations.

Now I may not be a foundation guru (I just started using foundation routinely as of last year), but I definitely know when a product makes me look and feel just right.


Okay, so I have to admit that this product contradicted every negative thought I have ever had about liquid foundation.

Application was so soft and smooth I had to ditch my beloved Cover FX powder foundation for the next 2 weeks. I was shocked at how easy it was to put on, in contrast to others I have tried in the past which proved to be thick and cakey. It’s totally non-greasy and leaves no residue. And because it’s so lightweight, it melted into my skin in an instant, making it a great product for blending. In addition, the liquid itself has a nice consistency and is fragrance-free. It almost felt as if I hadn’t put on any face makeup at all!


The foundation has a satin finish, giving the perfect amount of luminosity. Not to mention, I used the “Rich” shade, which is meant for medium to deep skin tones. Its sheer bronze tint left me with the perfect natural glow, which I still cannot get over every morning I apply it (literally, I’m obsessed). Can you say bye-bye bronzer?

As for coverage, it most certainly does the job. While my pores may be one of my pet peeves, IT-O2 definitely helps me get through the day. And that coverage lasts HOURS (about 6-8). I was out all day earlier this week, half of that time physically sitting outside for some drinks, and when I got home to reapply, I didn’t even notice a change. I couldn’t believe it didn’t wear off one bit!


Aside from the fact that this product looks fabulous, it makes me feel fabulous as well. It’s loaded with anti-aging ingredients that make its claim to be “a facial in a bottle” completely accurate. From peptides to hyaluronic acid, niacin, hydrolyzed collagen, and even vitamins A, C, and E, IT Cosmetics has you covered when it comes to hydrating skin and battling fine lines and wrinkles. Best of all, the deliverable “O2′ in the foundation helps with both moisture retention and skin repair, making it 100% multi-functional. 

After raving about how amazing the IT-O2 foundation is, I of course 110% recommend it. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.



Note: This post is not sponsored. Samples were provided for review.