Joey New York Peel-Off Masque For Lines, Wrinkles And Glow

Joey New York Peel-Off Masque For Lines, Wrinkles And Glow


After a rough week of running around, drinking and eating lots of candy, it was no wonder my face was looking tired and breaking out a bit.  I needed a quick fix to revive my skin.  Perfect timing – LDiva here was sent the Joey New York Quick Results Peel-Off Mask for Lines, Wrinkles And Glow and passed it along for my review.  

The recommendation came because she knows how I love using natural products — especially for my skin.  This product uses green coconut water and Indian ginseng extract to diminish wrinkles and lines.  When it comes to natural products I would say this Joey Face Mask is definitely a good pick since it has no parabens, no phthalates and no sodium lauryl sulfates.  Although the smell of the gel was a bit potent at first, it quickly subsides.  

I applied a layer of the gel evenly over my face.  The gel is very thick and sticky and left a coat on my hand that took a bit of washing to get off!  I allowed the gel to dry 15 minutes as per the directions.  The peel came off very easily – a happy surprise.  (The key thing to remember with this peel is to apply a nice thick layer evenly to your face and it will peel off quickly and efficiently.) The peel removed a layer of dead skin leaving my face healthier, smoother and tighter.  It also extracted impurities helping to prevent breakouts and I saw the difference especially the next morning.
I am definitely a fan of this peel and would use it regularly especially because it was fast and easy.
Make sure to apply a good moisturizer with SPF after if you will be in the sun, though.  The downside of this product for me is that it makes your skin more sensitive to sun so you have to be careful and use adequate protection if you use the mask regularly.

From Joey New York: Treat your skin to the power of the peel with this smoothing, tightening masque. The treatment immediately removes dirt and debris embedded deep in pores while smoothing wrinkles and normalizing damaged, tired skin. The exceptionally effective corrective masque contains Young Green Tender Coconut Water and Indian Ginseng extract complex to smooth, heal and protect. The masque peels off in one piece to reveal fresh, vibrant, healthy-looking skin beneath.

Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and tester’s own. Product was provided as a sample for review.