The Keratin Quickie – Get a Little Bang for Your Buck

The Keratin Quickie – Get a Little Bang for Your Buck

If there’s one thing we all know about keratin treatments, it’s that they smooth and straighten hair. But is the imminent damage worth the temporary fix? While most keratin treatments deliver on leaving a lasting silky finish (for a good chunk of change), your hair is still coated with formaldehyde chemicals to get it there. Ickkk!

So why go through with it?

Because, as DIVAlicious Member Meghan Springmeyer and I found out at the launch event, the Julien Farel Haircare Zero Frizz Quickie Treatment is not at all like most hair-damaging keratin treatments. If you try it Julien’s way, you will save time, money and…your precious hair! (Not to mention, who doesn’t love a little salon indulgence!?)

Upon walking into Julien Farel’s salon on Fifth Avenue, we were greeted with a fresh spa aroma, friendly service and a cool glass of water. From the moment Meghan sat in her stylist’s chair to the moment he finished her blowout, the step-by-step process unfolded (and worked!) right before our eyes. Just take it from red-headed beauty Meghan (who’s hair is even MORE gorgeous post-treatment!)

Julien Farel’s Zero Frizz Quickie keratin technology gave Meghan the ideal glossy results that first put keratin treatments on the map – but without the damaging after effects.

The process consists of five steps:

  1. Deep cleanse shampoo
  2. Application of product to wet hair
  3. Rough dry
  4. Flat iron
  5. Rinse

Jeremy Carta, a Julien Farel stylist, says the treatment provides shine and smooths hair, while also retaining its natural volume and texture. Most keratins tend to do the opposite in terms of the latter part.

“You can feel the cuticle close in like glass,” Carta said of Meghan’s hair post-treatment. “The hair is way lighter and it doubled in shine.”

A post-treatment regimen is also advised. Christina Gerald, brand manager at Julien Farel Haircare, says Zero Frizz Restore, the two-in-one cleansing and conditioning system, doesn’t strip away essential scalp oils that other treatments do. It is recommended once or twice a week. There is also a Zero Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner that Meghan now prefers over her regular shampoo and conditioner, particularly given this summer humidity. And rounding out the regimen is a leave-in Relaxing Balm.

Meghan reported back a few weeks after treatment that her hair was soft, frizz-free and overall perfect for summer. She even visited San Juan and said her new hair withstood the challenges of a Caribbean climate.

“All of the products left my hair super shiny,” said our happy tester.

What the Zero Frizz method provides that other keratin treatments don’t:

  • Straightens hair and eliminates frizz for 6 to 8 weeks without compromising on style and body
  • A weekly Zero Frizz two-in-one cleansing and conditioning treatment for upkeep (also available for purchase online here)
  • No chemical damage (Julien uses hydrolyzed keratin)
  • No harsh odor or sensitivity caused by formaldehyde (This treatment, which Meghan and I can both attest to, doesn’t smell in the least and causes no harm to the eyes)
  • You can sleep on your hair and even touch it post-treatment
  • The Quickie is only 45 minutes for most hair types (versus hours)
  • The cost is $200 (about half of what you would normally pay) plus the cost of follow-up products if purchased


The verdict?

Prior to the keratin treatment, Meghan said her hair was course and “super frizzy.”

Her hair dream:  “To have a sleek bob.”

I think we can all agree that the treatment worked its magic on her short cut. So, yes, this treatment is worth it!

Note: This post is not sponsored. Service was provided complimentary for review.

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  1. Michelle Weiss

    UPDATE: After six weeks of the Zero Frizz process and after-care, I checked back in with Meghan. She is so happy with the treatment, she is going back next week for another! She reports that the treatment lasted 4-5 weeks for her (not the full 6-8 weeks) due to lots of summer swimming and working out. She says Julien Farel advised that how long benefits last are based on individual lifestyle so this was not unexpected.