MAC Strobe Cream/Liquid

Dear LDiva, 

I totally fell in love with MAC Strobe Cream the other day. It left such a luminous glow on my skin and I just knew I needed to have it. 

Problem is, I don’t exactly know how to use it. Is it an all-over moisturizer or more like a highlighter? And what is the difference between the cream and the liquid?

Thanks as always for being my go-to for beauty advice1 

<3, GaYoung

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  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Hi GaYoung!

    LOVE Strobe Liquid Lotion – it’s a time-tested essential in my pro makeup kit.

    The difference between the two is really texture, with the liquid being more lightweight than the cream. Both have that beloved iridescence, plus skin-diffusing properties. 

    You can use the cream more for body or for very controlled application. The liquid I would use all over mixed with moisturizer – or as a highlighter on the collarbone, shoulders, centers of the legs, etc – or on the face to add iridescent luminosity (either all over or to pop features like the cheekbones and cupids bow depending on the look you’re going for). You may want to load up on the iridescence or you may want just a hint of it. To that I would also add, you can play around using your fingers, sponges or brushes for application.

    I personally recommend the Liquid Lotion. 

    Have fun!!