Must-Haves for Your Cruelty-Free Beach Bag

Must-Haves for Your Cruelty-Free Beach Bag

Hello Divas! June 21 has officially passed, which means it’s summer across the nation. So, for the next three months I plan on kicking back, chilling out, and banking some serious beach time (I can see the beach from my driveway, squee!). Even though I live close by, beach bags have always been a bone of contention with me. I DON’T want to be overly glammed out, but I also want to look put together. After years of trial and error, here is your beach bag beauty list for the ethical beach bunny.

Let’s start off with the most important, shall we? Your cruelty-free beach bag needs to have some protection! Sunscreen, ladies and gentlemen! Kiss My Face’s Bare Naked Air Powered Spray Sunscreen is the bee’s knees! The beach sun is no joke; you will still get a great glow without the harsh chemicals of traditional sunscreen and without the mess! This absorbs quickly and is made with natural ingredients and without any of our fuzzy friends being hurt! It packs a soothing punch of Green Tea, Vitamins C and E, Aloe and Cucumber to soothe as it protects! Layer it on and lay out!

Heading to some beachside restaurants and eateries? You still need to SPF that gorgeous face! I really like using minimal makeup during the summer and Suntegrity’s 5 in 1 Sunscreen is awesome. A little bit goes a long way with this product as it’s more like a BB cream than it is a sunscreen lotion. I find that this is great for day trips as it’s small, fits in my bag, and gives me an even glow. I pair this with Pacifica Beauty’s Lip Quench Tint (hello avocado and coconut oils) for a simple, yet still put together, beach look. Their Lip Quench is thicker like a balm, but gives a nice sheer color. Think “just ate an ice pop” color!

So, what if you’re heading out to a beachside bar and don’t have time to really freshen up? Me (and my friends from Box Naturals) have you covered! I love their personal wipes in Rosewater. They’re light, fresh, and perfect for freshening up on the go. Each wipe is packed with essential oils and soothing botanicals. It might even soothe that sunburn! I kept these on hand at an early summer wedding and they slid right in my clutch (and now YOUR cruelty-free beach bag) for easy access.

Finally, if you’re a curly haired lady like myself, a day at the beach means oil AND flat hair! Who would have thought? So, this summer I’m all about dry shampoo. More specifically, I’m into SHIMMERY dry shampoo from Zabana Essentials. Made of Kaolin Clay, Collodial Oatmeal, and essential oils, this shimmery shampoo absorbs oil and gave my curls a little boost of shine.

Who’s ready for the beach now? Get that cruelty-free beach bag packed and get your tan on!

– Christine

Author’s Note: All of the aforementioned products have been purchased, tried, and tested by the writer! All opinions are based on experience and no compensation has been provided in any way for this review. Rock on with your cruelty free selves!