DIVA DOES… Warner’s No Side Effects (Paparazzi-Proof) Bra [SPONSORED]

DIVA DOES… Warner’s No Side Effects (Paparazzi-Proof) Bra [SPONSORED]

I was recently approached to review Warner’s No Side Effects bra collection and honestly, for all the sexy lingerie and flirty intimate apparel I have, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Because (you may not believe this and I almost can’t believe I’m saying it) sometimes sexy isn’t the solution and (gasp!) flirty isn’t flattering. Underneath clothes that is! Sometimes you just need a bra that fits and makes your clothing (and you) look like a million bucks.

More on that later…

Now as fate would have it, the Warner’s No Side Effects Underwire Contour and Front Close Underwire (the two styles I was interested in, both $40) don’t come in my size. I wear a 32DD and all you petite, curvy girls out there know – it can be a real challenge finding the style and support you need. Thankfully, the collection comes in my sister size 34D.

What is your sister size? A bra that is one size larger in the band and one size smaller in the cup OR a bra that is one size smaller in the band and one size larger in the cup. Knowing it can be a lifesaver, especially if you have a size like me that most bras don’t come in.

Both Warner bras arrived in the mail days later and I felt an instaboost of confidence once I tried them on.

Why? Because just a few weeks ago on May 29th in the beautiful Amalfi Coast THIS HAPPENED.


I was chatting with my mother while waiting for our ride from Casa Angelina hotel to La Tagliata restaurant and the paparazzi got me!!! (Ok, maybe it was just my fiancé taking some pre-sunset candids.) My mom noticed him first and as I twisted to see him, he snapped this photo.

It would have been supercute. Except for the very unfortunate side and back-fat situation.

Oh, and the fabric bunching and my arm pressed against my side also didn’t do much for my cause.

I was just a little (a lot!) horrified. As in, is that seriously how I look to those behind and around me?? [Insert colorful Italian profanity.]

My fiancé assured me it was the angle and the twist and all that, but the truth is that bra (from a well-respected brand in my correct size) was not doing me any favors, especially in a stretch tank top that forgave no sins.

And here I thought I was winning by thinking to wear stretch-waist pants to an Italian feast.

(Ironically, the full restaurant name was La Tagliata Fattoria. Fattoria happens to mean farm in Italian, but still… !)

A few glasses of vino later, with my parents and my brother and my fiancé overlooking the most breathtaking view, I stopped caring.

But I didn’t forget. How could I with the picture as evidence.

When I got back to NYC, Warner’s No Side Effects serendipitously entered my life, as a great and fated coincidence.

To put it to the test, I recreated the pose, down to the outfit, hair, lipstick, sunglasses, jacket, clutch and all. I even got the same photographer ;)

4-divalicious-warners-no-side-effects-after-2 3-divalicious-warners-no-side-effects-after-1

On a scale of 1 to Wow, I’d call it a WOW.

Problem solved.

Warner’s calls the issue I originally experienced in Italy “sleevage” and I’d say that’s a pretty good handle for that under arm thing that happens. Where it’s far from smooth and sleek and it’s often not in your sight to adjust and fix. Warner’s also calls it a bra-blem and I’m loving how they have the cutest terms for these not-so-cute dilemmas.

The No Side Effects bra I wore for this look was incredibly comfortable. I chose the Underwire Contour. There’s also a Front Close Underwire I got and will definitely wear this summer under deep, plunging necklines. It also converts to a criss-cross style for added versatility. The third style is a Wire Free if you want a break from the underwire. All the styles have coverage on the sides so there is an extra panel of band fabric that smooths out where the cup ends and the band begins. It wouldn’t work for a low arm-hole but for anything else, it shouldn’t show. The bras also have elastic-free sides and back — plus front-adjustable straps (so you can tighten your own bra without any help).

You can purchase Warner’s No Side Effects bras at Kohl’s, Macy’s, JC Penney’s and other department stores (in-store and online).


To a summer without sleevage!! Ciao ciao.


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

NOTE: This post is sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Samples were provided for review. All photos are property of DIVAlicious.

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  1. V

    I LOVE this post! And how it took you a few drinks to stop obsessing over what happened :-)
    I have this issue all the time in the summer and have been desperate for a solution.

    • Lauren Cosenza

      Thanks V!! Just seeing your comment now. Lol. Just a little vino to take the edge off ;) Let me know what you think if you get the bra!! xoLC

  2. lee

    Wow…if she think she’s fat, what does she think of the rest of else.

  3. Lauren Cosenza

    Hey Lee! In this before & after I am the exact same size/shape/weight. They are taken just weeks apart. So it’s not about thinking I’m fat, but more that I just didn’t like the way the original bra created rolls on my back. It’s an angle I don’t see myself from and I was shocked to see that initial photo. The after picture shows a big difference and the only I changed was the bra. xoLC

  4. Tiffany

    I just bought the bra and am wearing it for the first time today!! Works, thanks for the rec lady xo