Pacifica Beauty Power of Love Palette Review

Pacifica Beauty Power of Love Palette Review

Spring is in the air, am I right? Pacifica Beauty has everything you need to Spring into the season! Time to update your look with light, airy, and fun shades! I am obsessed with the cruelty-free Pacifica Beauty Power of Love Palette ($19.99). Spring updates are so easy, and many of Pacifica’s amazing items are available at Target! Like any of us need an excuse to go to Target? Didn’t think so! Plus, palettes are such a fun way to easily experiment with new shades and looks.

The Power of Love Palette comes with 10 different, smooth and silky shades. Pacifica’s eye shadow is mineral-based, and I love how it feels! There is no creasing, and no nasty chemicals or additives! Pacifica also infuses their shadows with coconut water for an extra luxe feel. Each of the colors complement different eye colors and skin tones, and mix so easily. My eyes are sensitive and some shadows tend to make my eyes water so as the day wears on the color begins to slide away. This amazing mineral blend is gentle and stays put without primer. Win!

Pacifica Beauty

Check out these Pacifica Beauty swatches! I’m obsessed with the fun pops of blue and aqua (colors I never really thought would suit me), and the warm tones like golds and browns that I tend to favor. I also got a kick out of the adorable names like Mysterious, Bare, Falling Star, Spirited, Devoted, Shine On, Treasure, Crush, Soul, and Luna. Can we talk about gorgeous?


Here are my peepers with Crush and Treasure (a green and brown hue layered with bronze). And my awesome arched eyebrows (more on those another time!)


And, here I am, rocking some amazing mineral mascara along with my Treasure and Crush blend. I love how these shades jive with my skin tine and hair color.

Pacifica isn’t just a “pretty face”! I’m also in love with their ethics. Their packaging is made with kind, soy link and out of recycled paper, and it’s cute. :) The Power of Love collection also contains lipsticks and glosses and every item donates to women in need. I love the idea of sharing and spreading the power of kindness and compassion with our fellow ladies. Feminist beauty? I think Pacifica nailed it!

Author’s note: the items mentioned in this post were provided by a representative of the company. No compensation was provided and all opinions are that of the author’s.


  1. Vicky

    I love the color selection in this palette from Pacifica! it’s also pretty cool how its infused with coconut water too!