Pureology Precious Oil Review

Pureology Precious Oil Review

So, summer is over and if you’re anything like me you’ve probably had your fair share of chlorinated or salt water, which can wreak havoc on your strands. To get my hair back to normal, actually better than normal, I’ve been using Pureology’s Precious Oil System. 

The brand touts that after just one use, women will “experience radiant haircolor and 10x softer hair.” So far, the great effects I have seen are a return to more shine, softness and bounce to my hair.

What’s amazing about this system is its ingredients, including sunflower seed oil to give softness and coconut oil for vitality.  The shampoo (shamp’oil) has a “ZeroSulfate, ZeroSilicone” formula. It is based on concentrated oils that gently foam to intensify shine and protect color vitality without weighing hair down (which is the reason most women fear using oil in their hair despite its nourishing benefits). This unique Pureology oil penetrates deep into hair fiber to deliver four times the shampoo’s active ingredients.

In reviewing the line, I did notice that if you use only one product and not the products together, for instance just the shampoo and not the conditioner or the conditioning masque, you will probably not get the same results. For this reason, I would recommend the full system.

To use, apply a quarter-sized amount of the Precious Oil Shamp’oil to wet hair, lather, rinse and repeat.  Then massage the Precious Oil Softening Conditioner into the hair and scalp, wait 1-2 minutes and rinse. Or for deeper nourishment, try the Precious Oil Softening Masque. Massage the detangling concentrated masque into hair and scalp, wait 2-5 minutes and rinse. Prior to styling, apply a small amount of Precious Oil Versatile Caring Oil into your palms and work through wet, damp or dry hair.

After using the system for about two weeks, I’ve noticed major improvement in my hair manageability and, again, its softness and shine. For more information and for where to buy Pureology products in your area, visit www.pureology.com.

[NOTE: The Precious Oil Versatile Caring Oil is the FIRST beauty product ever to be GREEN SEAL CERTIFIED. Click on this link for why you should care.]