Skin Battles: Finding the Ultimate Pimple Punisher

Skin Battles: Finding the Ultimate Pimple Punisher

Confession — I’ve never had the skin I always wanted.

That may mean different things to different people but for me it’s pretty simple: a pimple-free face.

Growing up in Arizona, I’ve always been aware of the common skin-damaging effects caused by the sun. And I heeded those warnings with plenty of SPF. But I still had to pay frequent visits to derms all throughout high school (without much success) for my acne.

Now, of course I never expected miracle, celebrity-status skin, but who doesn’t want somewhat clear skin??

Well, I’m now fresh out of college and still battling with my skin (going on 11 years). While part of the problem is hereditary (acne runs in my family), stress, weather, makeup and diet obviously all play a part too.

Always looking for an improvement, if not a total solution, I recently tested Kate Somerville’s 24 Hour Pimple Punisher.

The Product:

This long, lipgloss-sized tube has two ends – one for morning application and the other for bedtime.

  • AM Side (Blemish Clearing Gel): This is a great morning gel because it’s clear. And the bonus? It dries quickly. Perfect for immediate makeup application!
  • PM Side (Acne Treatment Clay): This is the heavier duty stuff. I apply a thicker layer of this white cream to my affected areas. It really works to dry out my pimples overnight. (Gross, but true!)

My experience:

Before I get started on how the treatment itself worked for me, I think most of us who have dealt with daily zit battles know that the solution to clear skin is never about using just one product. It’s a combination of regular (but not over-zealous) washing, clean air, healthy eating and plenty of beauty rest!

So I added the Kate Somerville product into my overall lifestyle to achieve healthy skin with realistic expectations. 

In my first week of treatment, (I’ll be honest here) I didn’t use the acne cream as consistently as I could have – meaning I may have skipped a morning application or missed a day. In the following two weeks, I made sure to use the product regularly, and I began to see results. My pimples appeared to be getting smaller. I should also mention that I was using it in conjunction with a heavy-duty face wash (Bliss No ‘Zit’ Sherlock), which I only use when my skin is really broken out (due to its skin-drying tendencies).

Now to the iffy part.

I then started staying up late and working more – losing much-needed beauty sleep. And I began to break out again, even though I was using the acne treatment.

My verdict:

Kate Somerville’s Pimple Punisher is one that I would definitely recommend for sensitive skin and milder cases of acne. The treatment isn’t so rough that it aggravates skin, but also isn’t so light that it doesn’t address the problem. This acne cream is a great one or two zit zapper for those who just need a dab here and there.

When it comes to a fully broken out face, something stronger might be a better option.

As for me? I’ll continue to use this product when I don’t have major flare-ups but do need something stronger for breakout days. And, of course, I’ll be squeezing in more pillow time from now on!