The 10 Commandments of Leggings

The 10 Commandments of Leggings

…from a girl who swore she’d never wear them (this time around)

(1) I don’t care how great your ass looks, it should not be showing. Ladies – find the right tops to wear with your leggings!

(2) Wear them under a skirt and be forewarned – it’s probably best left for the 12 and under set. Stockings and tights go under skirts. If you do it, consider fabrics and colors that blend.

(3) Wear them under a dress if and only if the dress hits mid thigh or above. If the dress is modest enough in length to wear alone, during the day, to church, skip the leggings. They don’t make you look any more “trendy.” If you disobey the above, please don’t choose all muted and mismatched earth tones and then pair with flats. Utterly dull.

(4) Wear heels with your leggings only if the top could normally work with heels. A grey off the shoulder sweatshirt with leggings and heels, for example, will only make people wonder where the dance audition is. This is not stylish — and it is not stylish is an anti-style sentiment either. This is not to say don’t take a risk, it is just to say don’t go Flashdancer on us. It should not look like a costume.

(5) Don’t wear ripped leggings. Or ripped tights. Or ripped fishnets. Ever.

(6) Leggings in light colors are relentlessly unforgiving. Go dark, or go back and change into your jeans.

(7) Leggings should end either above or below the thickest part of your calf.

(8) High shine and lame leggings – NEVER a good idea. And if you and your need for attention just don’t care, don’t dare leave the LES. The rest of us don’t applaud your individuality the same way that…. you do.

(9) Leggings under jean shorts: supercool…….. for former members of the Mickey Mouse Club. Keep in mind where some of them are now.

(10) Most importantly, don’t tell every single person you know you will never in your adult life wear leggings only to later change your mind and eat those words.