DIVA DOES… Thanks Be To…

DIVA DOES… Thanks Be To…

Oh, the things a girl these days should be thankful for can go on and on. A list as impressive in size as it is in scope.

And as we approach the official, annual day of thanks this week – I figured I’d call out select things that make my life that much better.

Thanks be to MY TAILOR for seeing me for who I am… and then expertly cutting and taking in and altering and hemming and recreating pretty much every other article of clothing I own to fit the person she sees. As they say on What Not To Wear, your tailor is your friend. AMEN to that!

Thanks be to HOLLYWOOD FASHION TAPE for its endless support. Literally. Going bra-free is, indeed, a blessing.

Thanks be to DRYEL for being so kind. To my wallet. I can happily spend all the money I’m saving on dry-cleaning on… more clothes!

Thanks be to FOOT PETALS and PRO-FOOT TOE BEDS for saving me from myself. Meaning, from the self-induced agony that at times accompanies the daily use of 4-inch heels. Also perfect for heels that evoke a ‘love at first sight’-yearning but are slightly too loose in one size and slightly too snug in another. Go slightly loose – and slip these right in for a fabu fit.

Thanks be to HANKY PANKY LOW-RISE THONGS for their sweet embrace…. loving the hips without leaving muffin-top or visible panty-line.

Thanks be to THE SHOEMAN for understanding, consciously or not, the Japanese construct of Wabi-Sabi. There is, undoubtedly, beauty in the imperfect, the impermanent and the incomplete. There is value in every single thing you love as it ages and changes. So take care of those things as though they were brand new, because often you will value them far more than what is new. It is the imperfect (scuffs, marks, weathering) that brings out character and uniqueness undeniably lacking in newer versions. This notion transcends all leather goods. I am an ardent believer of the theory, and worship the shoeman on those occasions requiring repair. The goal is to mend rather than replace in hopes of preserving true beauty.

Thanks be to SHISEIDO BRILLIANT BRONZE SELF-TANNER for its warmth – giving a golden glow with absolutely no gag-inducing odor. For face and body. Perfect for those who know better than basking in the sun but still feel better with a kickass tan. Ladies, I know it’s not just me!!

Thanks be to MY IRON WITH STEAMER for getting the kinks out. There is nothing more satisfying than a nice steam. If there were a fan club for the reasonably priced Black and Decker Digital Advantage, I’d not only have to join I’d also have to campaign for President.

Thanks be to ROCK AND REPUBLIC JEANS for all the affection. Damn, they hug!… my eeeeeeeevery curve… unabashedly and unapologetically. Simply put: Sex appeal on steroids. Best for the non-stick-figure but brimming with confidence crew.

And, more and more each season, thanks be to MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS for putting up with me all these years and still liking me (most of the time) and always loving me (all the time) despite my infatuation with irons and cobblers and such.