The Dish with DDR: My Lust for Lemons!

The Dish with DDR: My Lust for Lemons!

Since I can remember, I’ve always loved lemons.  I love a wedge in a nice cold glass of Pellegrino, or when I was 18 I liked to squeeze a bit of lemon juice in to my hair to add some extra blonde to my coveted highlights (yikes!), or when driving through the Almafi coast of Italy and I saw all of the beautiful lemon trees along the windy cliffside, that’s really when I fell in love and wanted lemons in everything from soap to soup!

As I started to get serious about my skin regime in my early twenties, I pretty much swore off my face ever seeing the sun again unless I had on SPF 50. I started using moisturizer day and night. I cut out sugary drinks and opted for water nine times out of ten.  So, after doing some research and being enamored with the health and wellness industry, I learned a lot about how adding lemons to your diet can be beneficial for you.  With that being said, I decided that every morning I would wake up and have a cup of warm lemon water to kick start my day and my body.  I prefer warm water over cold because your body temp in the morning is usually somewhat cool and takes some time warming up so it is less shocking to the body. 

Some of my favorite benefits of warm lemon water are:

  • Kick start your digestive system for the day: the acid and vitamins in lemon juice will flush all unwanted toxins out of the body and relieve any bloating, indigestion or heart burn.
  • Clears skin: Once you are on a regular routine with your AM cup of lemon water you will notice a HUGE difference in your skin.  Your skin will become brighter and any dark spots/circles will become lighter.  Vitamin C is so important for renewed, glowing skin. 
  • Happy, Happy: Just the smell of a lemon alone can send you from sad to glad.  The enzymes and invigorating properties that lemons carry can help clear your mind and alleviate anxiety. 
  • Say Cheese: And say good bye to expensive teeth whitening systems, with just a cup of lemon water a day you will see results of whiter teeth in no time. 
  • Freshens Breath: Need I say more?
  • Aids in Weight loss:  Lemons are high in fiber, keeping hunger cravings at bay. 

These are only some of the wonderful benefits of lemons. I dare you to add this to your daily routine and let me know what some of the benefits are for you!




  1. Lauren Cosenza

    My vacation breakfast drink of choice (after coffee!!) inspired by your post…


  2. Denise Del Russo

    love it!

  3. GaYoung Kwon

    This was really helpful…will def try this!!