THE DISH WITH DDR: Tell Me Something Güd

THE DISH WITH DDR: Tell Me Something Güd

Oh just singin’ in the rain…uhh…I mean shower!

Like the bottle says, “If you don’t sing in the shower, you will now!”

I happily tested out Güd (pronounced just like the word “good”) shower gel and let me tell you, this little bottle of “güdness” is so pure and fresh, from its natural (paraben-, phthalates-, and petrochemical– free) ingredients down to its delicious scent,  I just couldn’t resist a tune or two.

I also couldn’t resist sniffing myself all day. Seriously! 

Güd is created by beloved parent company Burt’s Bees so no surprise I love it.

I tried the yummy blood orange and hyacinth body wash aptly named “Orange Petalooza.” But don’t worry if you’re not a fan of that combo, there are four other equally incredible “flavors” to choose from: Red Ruby Groovy, Floral Cherrynova, Pearanormal Activity and Vanilla Flame. 

Besides how divine this gel wash smells (which happens to be pretty heavenly), it lathers up and moisturizers the skin quite well too!

A happy product overall :)

Warm up those vocal cords ladies!


CLICK HERE for a list of where to find Güd’s products. Or shop online HERE.

Note: This post is not sponsored. Samples were provided for review.