Clayspray has officially launched in the US and once I tested it firsthand at their press event, their fanbase in this country immediately went up by 1. 


Not to ramble on and on, but there are several reasons I fell hard and fast and you need to know them to see if you want to join the fanclub too. (And once you experience these pure clays from Spain, I think you might!)

As a courtesy, I’ll narrow it down to My Top 7

  1. TIME & MONEY. Most facials require a trip to the spa and an hour or so of your time. Plus, they’re expensive. For 150 ml of clay in a can that you can apply at home (many times over) for just $60 and see results in only 10-15 minutes – count me in! I tested the Toning White Clay with Aloe Vera Masque and the Comfort H20 with Green Tea Mineral Water Spray at the event. It was boiling hot in NYC that day and I had back to back events, meetings and a lunch prior. Upon arriving, I felt dehydrated and worn. After a starting spritz of the H2O Spray to prep clean skin, an even application of the Masque (which has a soufflé-like texture) and then a finishing spritz or two of the H2O Spray to remove it, I saw INSTANT RESULTS. Immediately. My skin was lush and smooth and glowing. It looked and felt so fresh and radiant, I left without a stitch of makeup. NO reapplication. Unheard of, I know, but I swear.
  2. IT’S A GIVER AND A TAKER. According to the brand, “The Clayspray range not only removes impurities and environmental toxins but also puts back in by nourishing skin with minerals to help prevent ageing.  These minerals include silica to boost collagen, calcium to promote healthy cell regeneration, potassium to help lock in moisture and iron & magnesium to activate circulation and encourage healing for an overall anti-ageing effect.” I’m no scientist, but what I felt after this white clay toning mask was replenishment. [Note: The white clays contains silica, calcium, and potassium and the red clays contains iron and magnesium.) 
  3. PURITY. Clayspray is VERRRY particular about the clays and mineral waters it will use. There is no compromising. Seriously, read the backstory on that one.
  4. QUALITY. Clayspray is the world’s first clay in a spray. Not to have as a unique selling point, but for a functional reason. Its cylinder packaging has an air-tight feature that ensures the clay remains fresh and pure from the first pump to the last. With other clays in tubes and jars, they interact with air once they are opened so they can dry out or deteriorate.
  5. QUANTITY. In comparison to your typical clay product that uses max 15-20% clay, Clayspray claims to use 60-65%. So you experience greater benefits of the clay.
  6. IT’S FEELGOOD. Clayspray is natural, not tested on animals and is preservatives/parabens/perfumes-free.
  7. MIX & MATCH POTENTIAL. There are 5 Clayspray Masques available in the US. You can switch them up based on your unique skin needs over the weeks, months or year. Or you can treat different parts of the face with different masks all in one facial. The 5 types are:
  • Glow Red with Cacao (for all skin types)
  • Mattifying Red (for oily skin)
  • Brightening White with Ginseng (for normal/combination skin)
  • Pore Refining White (for normal/combination skin)
  • Toning White with Aloe Vera (for normal/sensitive skin)

As an added perk, the adorable 30 ml travel size containers (pictured above) will be introduced in early 2014. They make a great gift and would also be ideal after a long flight!

Now, as with all skincare products, be sure to consider what you are currently using for any potential reactions. I had a minor reaction to the red mattifying mask at home. I don’t have sensitive skin but had recently started a new nail/skin/hair multi-vitamin and also just changed to a new head on my Clarisonic after a hiatus of not regularly using it. This… in addition to all my regular lotions and potions I test for work. That combo resulted in over-stimulation and hyper-sensitivity to my normally non-reactive skin. My own fault. (Shame on me.) But a good reminder that if you are doing peels or intensive scrubs or microdermabrasion or using any products with serious active ingredients, you may be over-exposing your skin and leaving it vulnerable. So swap out treatments and products and devices that, used together, may be too much of a good thing.

And then try this pure clay. It’s available online at Beautyhabit.

I’m dying to hear what you think!!

Note: This post is not sponsored. Samples and service were provided for review.