DIVA DISH: Ellovi Body Butter

DIVA DISH: Ellovi Body Butter

Ellovi Butter is a product I probably would not have found out about on my own. It is a fave of beloved vegan beauty blogger Tashina Combs of Logical Harmony and, knowing a thing or two about my own beauty philosophy and taste, she suggested putting me in touch with its creator who shipped me a sample.

My personal approach to beauty is all about achieving a desired effect. That may mean I whip something up, like adding colored glitter to clear lipgloss for a sparkly pout. Or using a slick lipbalm to create a wet eye look. Or a play on shades using color theory. Or adding oil to lotion for extra sheen. Or using an eyebrow pencil to contour faces (as I have in the last several Daily Divas). 

When possible, if I’m aware of vegan, cruelty-free or eco-friendly products that will impart a truly comparable result, I’m happy to make the swap for a product I’m currently using or stock in my pro kit. I have found in many instances, though, the advancements are not fully there yet. But I’m always open to testing and learning.

Well, when I got the package containing Butter… and opened it and saw its unique consistency… and swiped a sample on my finger… I knew right away it was something special.

Butter is vegan, cruelty-free AND eco-friendly. Every ingredient comes straight from nature. Ingredients include Macadamia Oil, Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil, Organic Corn Starch and Shea. And that’s it. In fact, Ellovi promises its products will “never contain synthetic chemicals, fillers, preservatives or secret ingredients.”

But that’s not even why I was wowed. 

Just like real butter, this product – as it comes it contact with your body heat – just MELTS

Not quickly and with no mess, but it just melts onto and into skin as you apply it neck-to-toe, which I did my first time and am still doing.  

Its consistency is ahhhhmazing and it leaves your body with the most incredible sheen. Skin looks supple and lush and stays hydrated. 

Unlike body oil, it doesn’t stain clothing or require drying time. 

And the light but delicious nutty coconut scent also doesn’t hurt!

Ellovi Butter is on par with the very best body products I have ever used – and believe me, I’ve used PLENTY. 

Here I am on my birthday just a few days ago, coated in the stuff, and just glowing. Literally.

You can get your 3.5 oz jar of Ellovi Butter for $26 by clicking HERE

Shine on, you crazy diamonds ;)

Note: This post is not sponsored. Sample was provided for review.


  1. 1wqvg49qwc3pm

    I’m so happy that you loved Ellovi so much! It’s one of my favorite products. Glad I was able to get you hooked as well. :)

  2. Lauren Cosenza


    LOVE IT STILL!! Def feel free to share other Vegan and/or cruelty-free faves with us!!!!

    XO!! LC