The Lettuces: Loss and Life At The Same Time

The Lettuces: Loss and Life At The Same Time

Processing loss while creating life is tricky.

It’s hard to not have anxious thoughts or fears slip in. Especially early on.

Whatever you are feeling, know that someone else out there is feeling that exact way too.

This quote helps explain the depth of this kind of loss and also why it lingers and returns in a different way than other loss. “A pregnancy loss is a death we experience in our own bodies: there is no death we experience more intimately than one that literally passes through us.”

So when you get pregnant following a loss, it may not be pure blissful total joy.

In the beginning of this pregnancy every time I peed, which is a lot during early pregnancy, I checked to see if I was bleeding. I would force myself to look quickly right away, and I would experience a bolt of anxiety for that split second.

To get into a more relaxed and grateful and trusting headspace, here are some things I did to calm my mind in those earlier harder moments, that still help now to calm my mind as I continue to grow this little human amidst everything going on in the world.

✨ Make a conscious effort to balance the thinking. (“If you can imagine the worst thing, you can imagine the best thing. Both are imaginary. Say out loud verbally the positive outcome. Repeat until it feels more real.”)

✨ Light a candle.

✨ Write.

✨ Try meditation. (I started the pregnancy series on Headspace which also includes a visualization element I love.)

✨ Take a nap.

✨ Listen to zen music.

✨ Do a calming practice or ritual. (It can be as simple as your skincare routine or washing and brushing your hair.)

✨ Breathe.

✨ Bathe.

✨ Remember you are strong and powerful. ✨

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