The Lettuces: Mama Shark

The Lettuces: Mama Shark



This blanket was a gift from my first pregnancy which I found going through bins to prepare for baby 2. I couldn’t fully understand then what being mama shark would entail.

Motherhood is the greatest gift and built within it — and core to it — is the biggest responsibility. Every day to nurture all of our emotions and our growth, to balance our hopes and dreams with our challenges and sacrifices, to channel ALL ❤️ THE ❤️ LOVE.

Motherhood is not something you really get til it’s got. And once you’re the mama shark, not even for a second are you not ever again.

On Friday I had my 3-hour glucose tolerance test.

I had to gear back up in my PPE and head to the lab first thing in the morning. Everyone was wearing masks but safe distancing just wasn’t happening in the tight and crowded waiting room that spilled into a narrow hallway. After strictly quarantining and making sure to avoid contact for months, over the course of my three and a half hours there, I experienced some surges of anxiety.

I kept returning to my breath and in the moments of deeper calm I found myself the most teary.

There is a difference between knowing and feeling. And even though I knew this and had to trust this as my pregnancy progressed, it was in those moments really for the first time that I strongly felt this baby girl was coming to us. That I loved her. And that I wanted to fiercely protect her always, even though I wouldn’t always be able to. Not even when she was snuggled safely inside me.

But that I’d teach her my mama shark ways so she can be a lover and a fighter too.


PS. 10 weeks til my full term due date, so less than 10 til we meet….


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