The Lettuces: My Heart Is With The Moms

The Lettuces: My Heart Is With The Moms

My heart is with the moms recovering from the trauma of delivering their babies alone.

With the moms and their newborn babies who have been separated from one another.

With the moms giving birth in hospitals where they know there is great risk of coronavirus exposure.

With the moms going home without their mother or mother-in-law or nurse or doula or friend who planned to come help out.

With the moms who are pregnant and scared.

With the hopeful moms who have had to postpone their IVF plans.

With the hopeful moms who have stopped trying.

With the wishful moms who wanted to grow their families but decided the time was no longer right.

💔 My heart hurts for you. 💔

I know so many you, and I don’t know so many of you, but if you fall into any of these categories, even when you are isolated from the world, you are not alone.

I held my pregnancy announcement until after my anatomy scan on Friday. Until I could finally breathe a little easier knowing my baby is doing ok, even though going into midtown Manhattan for the scan had its own risks.

Waiting to announce in the midst of a pandemic was hard for me. Especially given the changing NYC policies in regard to no support person or hospital visitors for delivery or recovery — not even your partner — and the lack of any real data on how at risk pregnant women actually are.

The day NYP announced the total ban I cried so hard. I’ve already had a traumatic birth. I could not imagine all of that all on my own. The NY hospital restrictions (for delivery anyway) have since been reversed which is so important for moms but could have negative consequences for doctors, nurses and hospital staff.

These are such unprecedented, complicated and emotional issues. Ones worth talking about.

So while it’s all very nuanced, it feels like a weight lifted to finally come forward to join other women who are pregnant and living this right now to say I am with you.




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