internDiva: Dye Your Hair in Seconds Ft. Redken’s Color Rebel

internDiva: Dye Your Hair in Seconds Ft. Redken’s Color Rebel

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair but was afraid to do it because of the commitment that comes with it, especially since I wanted purple hair — yup, PURPLE. I felt like having purple would be a big commitment, then choosing the hue of purple, and. then.. the list of issues I had could go on. My hair dying dilemma all changed when Redken shipped this lovely little black bottle for DIVAlicious testing. Redken Color Rebel is the answer for all color phobic divas out there. It’s makeup for your hair!  Which means it’s a temporary hair color that will easily wash out when you wash your hair. This was a perfect way for me to try purple hair without the commitment and I could  safely experiment with the application myself without dishing out money to my hairstylist. 

Here is the Color Rebel in Purple Riot. The product has an attached sponge for a mess free application. The bottle also has a twist rim so that you can twist your desired product amount to the top of the sponge. 

Here’s my hair before using the color rebel. Now let’s add some flare to my hair!

Start off by sectioning your hair. Clip away the parts you don’t want any color on like I’ve done here. 

Slowly begin applying the product. I applied the product from the root to the tip of my hair. 

Here’s what it looks like so far. 

Now I removed the clip and began blending the uncolored hair with the colored hair. 

And here is the complete look.

OMGGG I LOVEEEEE IT!  This product is amazing and so easy to apply. The color looks very realistic and I got so many compliments on my hair. A lady even stopped me and asked ” your color is amazing. Who dyed your hair?” and my response “ummm– me!”  With all the compliments I was getting it definitely had me feeling like I was ready to start taking hair appointments! Maybe that’s a stretch but I felt so good that I did this by myself and got so many compliments. This product is so worth it! It has amazing staying power for being a temporary hair color and it really does come out easily with shampoo. Also, don’t worry about any traces of it being on your hands if you touch your hair– that won’t happen!

So divas, what do you think of my before and after? Do you love my dye job as much as I do ?

See you soon divas!

— Trish 

Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Sample was provided for review. All photos are my own.

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