UNISEXXXY: 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

UNISEXXXY: 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Gifting is personal. With regard to your personality and your recipient.

It sounds cliche’ but it is the thought that counts.

So let’s all think UNISEXXXY…as in Universal Beauty. Fashion. Design. Lifestyle. For a range of budgets and varying style and taste, here are my top 10 for Holiday 2014:

1. Strands & Skin

Individually brilliant as stocking stuffers or bundled together as kits, give the gift of grooming.

From left-to-right: LUSH Karma Komba shampoo bar ($11.95) is fun, unique, and lathers up to a whole lot of deliciousness! Rain: crude macademia nut oil ($4.40) brings silky, smooth texture to anyone’s locks. VITAMAN styling cream ($32, but only $25 at Barney’s) lets you safely gift (and possibly introduce) a cool styling product. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm ($7.50) comes in five luring flavors, all equally fab and rich in moisturization! Add Sabon Mud Mask ($35) to give good glow!

2. Sole-to-Soul

TOP: Uggs women’s on left ($200) men’s on the right ($225)

MIDDLE: Geox women’s on left ($240) men’s on the right ($240)

BOTTOM: Cole Haan women’s on left ($278) men’s on the right($278)

Because when any of these styles mold to the feet and embrace and comfort the sole, they energize the rest of your being. Sorta like soul food. And as you see…style and price, for both men and women, are so similar…might as well be on the same page! (#TWINSIES)

3. One Stop (Outerwear) Shop

TOP: Dark Grey Coat ($279) Coat With Wrap Around Collar ($189)

Turtle necks are great. Scarves too. A coat with a high collar that blocks the wind from hitting your neck…AMAZING!

MIDDLE: Coat With Sheepskin Collar ($259) 3/4 Length Coat With Fur ($129)

A collar with a little more jazz, um YES!

TOP: Hooded Duffle Coat ($189) Wool Duffle Coat With Fur Hood ($279)

For the everyday use, all hoodie everything.

Offering warmth in the winter is key. Coats are the final touch to make an outfit just right! ZARA caters to a wide selection of styles.

4. Bullet Biting

Nutrition is key to boosting immunity to fight through the Winter. And with the year ending, Summer is only 6 months away. Encourage others to eat (and drink) healthy. Juicing has been one of the fastest-growing trends in the nutrition industry and it’s time to invest in it for yourself and others. The NutriBullet retails for $100 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

5. Tea-Time

A cup of tea is like a cup of soup. Who doesn’t LOVE one in the winter. And really…all year long. The Teavana Perfectea Maker ($19.95) is simple and easy-to-use and really catches all the flavor from the tea, then strains it into your cup.

To make it more thoughtful, pick up a really fun mug themed to the person’s interests…from sports fan to artist to emoji fanatic…whichever you think he/she would like most. Add tea (loose or bagged) for use with the Perfectea Maker. My pick for the brand is White Chocolate Peppermint Rooibos Tea ($9.98).

6. ECO-Fab 

Rather than add to landfill, WRecords By Monkey recycles old records and creates a wide selection of ALL one-of-a-kind pieces. Ranging from rings to tie clips, bracelet, necklaces, cuff links, earrings and even belt buckles! Or how about a wall clock for the home! Prices vary, but are reasonable, starting at only $15. When it comes to cool, innovative, & stylish…this may be the definition.

7. Break a Sweat

Everyone loves cute (and comfortable) workout clothes…and when you’re just lounging around, and not working out, yes you may still find yourself gravitating towards them. For every person, and every budget, I suggest active wear as a practical gift always well-received!

Old Navy (for the practical spender, most affordable – and stylish – gear)

Modells (for the average spender, and has virtually every active attire you can name)

Lu Lu Lemon (for the big spender, the clothes are on-trend and cut to fit all body types perfectly)

8. Pick-A-Date

Sports. Concerts. Broadway. Museums. You name it. There is nothing better than creating memories with those you love. So by giving tickets to an upcoming event (plus one, or more), you give the gift of something to look forward to. And hey, they may even choose to take you as the plus one!

Order at Ticketmaster or StubHub.

9. For Paper or Plastic

TOP: Michael KorWomen ($117.60) on the left and Men ($110.60) on the right.

MIDDLE: Coach Women ($250 )on the left and Men ($168) on the right.

BOTTOM: Burberry Women ($485) on the left and Men ($325) on the right.

The gift of a wallet will bring good luck so long as you put money in it. Superstition has it that adding even a dollar or change will ensure the wallet will never be empty.

10. Get Your Groove On

A good ‘ole picture book! Download the GROOVE BOOK App on Itunes or Google Play and choose up to 100 photos from throughout the year (or lifelong faves) to share with this special someone. And for a continued subscription if you choose, for $2.99 each month, you can create a gift for you or someone else.

Or if you prefer a Do it Yourself – just frame a fave pic. It’s much more special (and often valued) than many store-bought gifts.

Remember, quality is always greater than quantity. It’s not what you give, or what you can afford to give. The holidays are a time to reflect on the year and spend time with those you love. These suggestions are simply a guide, but gracing each other with your company and conversation is always most memorable and meaningful.

Cheers! And wishing all, Happy Holidays! XXX, PC

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