UNISEXXXY: I wear women’s [MASCARA]

UNISEXXXY: I wear women’s [MASCARA]

That’s right, guys and girls, let’s go eye-to-eye. I am a loyal fan of women’s mascara.

Any kind? No.

But, this one from LUSH…YES! 

Eyes Right ($18.95)

Mascara is often labeled as makeup, generally worn by women. Yet, to me, it’s like sheer nourishment, with sparse use. Fortunately, I have long and thick lashes. Maybe not the typical candidate you expect for mascara.

Why do I use it?

Stating the obvious: Color Enhancement. Lash extension.

And how about the nutritional value?!

A vegan mascara made with a fresh wheatgrass base! It’s quite gentle and acts more as a healthy conditioning agent, nourishing the lashes and promoting strength and growth, while also moisturizing the skin around the eye.

And don’t even think about it running, this mascara is formulated with Japan and Camauba waxes to sit tight and not smudge, at the gym or in the rain.  

Witness the Before (left) and After (right).


BONUS (for FUN): You can pair your mascara application with one of these exciting and bold colorful LUSH liquids ($18.95). A creamy blend to use as liner, eye shadow, or even as a top coat mascara. Be creative. Be bold. Be you. 

BONUS (for RESULTS): Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil ($11.99) After reading Intern Trish’s How to grow your eyelashes (and eyebrows) post, I had to try! After just one month of using an average of about 2x per week, I notice longer, strong lashes for sure! Imagine doing it everyday?! I’ve also used it on my eyebrows some nights before bed…to switch up my beauty regimen. GREAT RECO, Trish!

Showing yourself TLC, any time, any where, any way is unisexxxy indeed! Build intrigue through your eyes, batting LUSH-ious lashes. I call that #fantaseyez. 

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