UNISEXXXY: Art Imitates Life

UNISEXXXY: Art Imitates Life

Creativity is vast.

Hue gives us the ability to capture…

Emotions. Feelings. Life.

Art imitates life.

In a cathartic moment, we find connection to artistic expression in one of its many outlets (forms).

Personally, I gravitate to the paintbrush.

And so…this one time I expressed my emotions and created what I could relate to.



I fell more and more in love with this piece and all it stood for. To me.

I needed to bring it to life. Beyond the canvas!

To my wardrobe…

Dragonfly became the pattern for my new leather bowtie.


I knew LC would appreciate my eagerness to explore my creativity further.

And then…we did something VERY UNISEXXXY. We reversed roles!

LDiva now the artist. And me, the canvas.

Makeup sprayed, not paint splattered.

Take a look…

Like many artists, LC painted my face using a mixed medium technique.

Luminess Airbrush Pigments under NYX Slide On Pencils over NYX Slim Eye Pencils.

Color is universal. Pattern too.

Art. Fashion. Makeup. One design. A universal concept proved.

And…thank hue for that.

THE UNISEXXX® BRAND: a label stripped of all labels

UNISEXXXY: universal beauty fashion design lifestyle



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  1. 0fpl3opvayh0i

    LOVE IT!!! Paul as much as I knew you, you manage to amaze me with how talented and creative you are. You make me proud!!