UNISEXXXY: Life After Movember | Beard Maintenance

UNISEXXXY: Life After Movember | Beard Maintenance

I’d say most men and women find a thick, well-groomed beard rather SEXY! Whether he grows one or not – or she doesn’t particularly find them attractive on her spouse or not – there is an undeniable universal appeal to the bearded (gentle)man.

Formerly clean shaven, now even scruffy feels naked to me!

Becoming accustom to hair on my face was a gradual process. The same way we can all relate to growing our hair to have it cut for a different style, growing a beard has its awkward stages. Itchy phases. And unbelievable beard crazes.

Rather than share my whole journey to get full-bearded, let’s skip to the facts you need to know!

Guiding you with maintaining that beard you worked for all Movember, here are my 7 reco’s for beard grooming:


TO SCRUB YOUR SCRUFF LUSH Kalamazoo Beard And Facial Wash ($9.95 for 3.5oz)

A product that really exfoliates a beard. The right way. Kalamazoo is packed with enzymes that act to cleanse your face and nourish the skin. It also treats any dirt, oil or buildup from the day. This is KEY. Hair retains smell and no one wants to be Josie Grossie. Rather, this cleanses the skin and softens facial hair. Leaves your beard feeling and smelling fresh-to-death!


TO LUBRICATE The Art of Shaving Pre Shave Oil ($25)

Pre-Shave Oil keeps the beard soft. It also preps your face for a close and comfortable shave. The formula contains essential oils and botanical ingredients, suitable for all facial hair types. No oily or filmy residue left behind.00670535670131

TO BRING DEFINITION The Art of Shaving Cross Knurl Safety Razor ($60)

The closed comb design is not as harsh as most razors. And even less aggressive than open-comb safety razors. The chrome plated handle helps to resist rust. This can be used easily in the shower. Lends better control during a shave. You can get hard to reach places. And cleaned-up edging?! YES, DIY (do-it-yourself)!


TO CALM IRRITATION The Art of Shaving After-Shave Lotion ($40)

You must be mindful of how to treat the skin after the harshness a razor poses to your face. Free of alcohol and synthetic dyes, this after-shave provides lightweight emollients and vitamin B3 to condition and moisturize. I prefer sandalwood or one of the others containing essential oils for the lovely, soothing scent.


TO SOFTLY SOOTHE Thayers Original Witch Hazel Astringent ($9.95 for 12 oz)

Witch hazel is a natural astringent. It heals, comforts and soothes irritation. I suggest use of this astringent after a shave always. Otherwise, it is still recommended for anyone (with or without a beard) on occasion as it may be used as a toner. And to simply cleanse or preserve the skin.


TO EVEN OUT HAIR LENGTH Panasonic Precision Hair and Beard Trimmer ER-GB40-S ($59.99 or sold at Ulta for $39.99)

With 19 precision settings, find the length that’s PERF for you! And remember, you can always go shorter, so change the blade settings accordingly and prevent yourself from being forced to trim your facial hair more than you originally envisioned or planned to.


TO GIVE CHARACTER Golddachs Hungarian Beard Wax ($29.95 also sold in-store at The Art of Shaving)

Finish your beard with added shine and long lasting pliability. Huh? You might say to yourself…But, YES! You can sculpt your beard or ‘stache however you wish! Once I tried this beard wax, I was in love! Requires just a small amount rubbed between fingers and applied to facial hair. Then style. No different than sculpting the hair on your head.

These are the products I am currently enjoying in my beard maintenance regimen. However, like anything related to fashion, beauty, style or lifestyle, find what’s right for you. And if you know someone with a beard and need to get him the perfect gift, for a holiday, birthday or otherwise, why not create a grooming basket with some of these beard maintenance essentials? Life after Movember can be the best life yet.

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  1. Paul Christopher

    I totes forgot one of the crucial products I use in my beard maintenance routine! Beard Oil. Depending on the length of my beard, I use daily when the growth is a little longer and more coarse whereas maybe 1-2 times/wk if its more of the “scruff” look and 3-4 times (every other day) for the times my beard is more of that ‘in-between’ stage.


    A special shoutout to Martin! I know you were waiting for this post…make sure to include this beard oil!

    Have you tried the other products, Martin? And if so, what are the results? Hope it’s workin’ for ya!