UNISEXXXY: Underneath my clothes (Take it OFF – Boyzillian)

UNISEXXXY: Underneath my clothes (Take it OFF – Boyzillian)

I’m sure most of us are very familiar with the waxing procedure known as the Brazilian. A spa service previously designated for females. Well, times have changed. Society and culture have been shifting more and more to be… UNISEXXXY.

The most common trend for men’s waxing has been the back, chest and shoulders. But the buttocks has increasingly attracted more recipients.

Inspired by the hype and attention from publications such as GQ and the widely accepted and beloved phenomenon of manscaping… I introduce to you the Boyzillian. As in, the male version of what was formerly offered mainly to women.

For the full experience, off I went to Metamorphosis Day Spa.

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PS, after reflecting on Confessions of a Hairy Guy Who Got Waxed. And Live To Tell The Tale, I obviously had some hesitation [insert scurred-face emoji here].

In a matter of minutes, I was bare-ass (literally) discussing the process with Esthetician & Laser Removal Technician, Marcy.

For a brief moment I thought to myself, well shouldn’t I feel weird? I mean I’m sitting here naked with my junk out – and being inspected in a very personal way. ALL of the crevices. Even with a magnifying device. But I’ll be honest, it was no different than getting a facial or eyebrows waxing.

And so she began.

First applying powder to the skin to make it less sensitive, Marcy explained this is especially important with the warm weather.

Then azulene wax was smeared on with a spatula. Though I trimmed prior to the appointment, Marcy informed me it would’ve been best to trim and leave about a centimeter of hair so it was less painful. Lesson Learned!

And finally she got to ripping and tearing. OOOOOH EEE!

Post-waxing, aloe vera was spread over the skin to soothe it. I mean it clearly was aching for a little TLC!

After that, Marcy followed up with a second inspection. A magnifying glass to check that all was even and bare. Talk about Attention to Detail! This woman is AMAZING!

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We continued our conversation and I learned that I was a very easy patient and have a high tolerance for pain.

Did it hurt? I’ll be honest…what do u think? That sh%t is NOT PLEASANT. Especially if you have thick hair follicles like I do. But I also wasn’t expecting it to be a comfortable experience. Let’s just say my WHO HA was blushing for a different reason than ever before. The aftermath of waxing… little sore. Irritated. And red cheeks.

I will say by the third day I was still adjusting to the feeling of my newly smooth-like-a-baby’s-bottom toosh. It was nice not battling with a forest, I must admit.

Though Marcy told me a typical client might repeat every 5-6wks with less and less irritation over time, I think I still prefer au natural. But for vacation, or a special occasion, never say never. Think honeymoon, beach vacation, etc etc…. That’s when I’d recommend it.

After this experience, should we be saying WOMAN UP (rather than ‘Man Up’) when it comes to enduring any sense of pain?!?! I think so.

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