UNISEXXXY: Beauty Adventures of a Bridesman

UNISEXXXY: Beauty Adventures of a Bridesman
Weddings are a time to remember. Celebrations of Love. Family. Commitment. And months of time, energy, and focus go into planning THE BIG DAY. Each and every intricate detail is carefully considered and chosen to elicit oohs and aahs from guests. Integral in making the occasion FABULOUS is the Bridal Party. Standing in support. Sharing the spotlight. They too will be scoped from head-to-toe. So, as bridesman to my best friend this past weekend, I of course have some style tips to share.
Yes, here are the beauty adventures and 5 product favorites of a bridesman.
Yes, bridesman.
Couldn’t get more UNISEXXXY, right?? I proudly stood with eight women on the side of the bride. And naturally, I had to get a little glam on right alongside the maids.
I personally do not use foundation regularly. But for this special occasion, I asked LC for some advice so that I matched the professional and flawless beauty of my bridesmaid counterparts. DIVA recommended this. And it works like a charm! Totally invisible. Lightweight. Long lasting. Natural finish. And it’s buildable. PERF to use as a complexion enhancer, and that HD formula sets you up for great selfies and pro photos.
Gives an instant boost of radiance if you use highlighting shades. Think golds and bronzes. Also can be used for soft definition. Think deeper or bolder shades. I like to use highlighting shades on the inner corner and definition shades on the outer corner of each eye and slightly on the eyelid and blend. Enhances your eyes and brings attention to your lashes. I wore just a silvery shade for these nuptials. But for the adventurous, creativity is limitless, as the pencil is offered in 32 shades. And at under 5 bucks each, the price is right.
Bring your brow game to another level. Though mine are thick and full naturally, a little sculpting and shaping creates a polished look, perfect for a special occasion. The brows frame the eyes and a well groomed brow packs a punch. This product deposits color with a mascara-like wand and sets brows in place. It’s a must-have and also an LDIVA fave.
Complete nourishment for your lips and sheer shine for hours. This lip oil provides enough moisture to keep your lips looking and feeling FAB all day (and night) long! And the application itself, with that padded applicator, is pure luxury. Its compact size also fits in the smallest suit pocket. LOVE it! (We all do.)
Multi-use for multi-benefits. Part-toner. Part-serum. It helps set make-up. Tightens the appearance of pores. Lends instant glow. Revitalizing and refreshing in just a few spritzes. This hybrid beauty mist can be used before and/or after any other face products are applied. A wedding beauty (and everyday) essential!

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Being UNISEXXXY is about being bold, fearless and labeless. Kind of like asking a guy to be in your bridal party on the ladies side. And kind of like accepting that invitation and fully embracing the day of bridal beauty. I was honored to be there and hope with the help of these 5 products, I made my bride proud.

PS, how ’bout that floral kimono? #celebrategoodtimescomeon


THE UNISEXXX® BRAND: a label stripped of all labels

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NOTE: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. 

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  1. Lauren Cosenza

    You look VERY handsome in the floral kimono. I love it!!! xoLC

    • Paul Christopher

      Thx, LC. That kimono is everyyyyything! New addition to the Sunday SpaDay!! xxx, pcc