UNISEXXXY: Carrie Hammer SS16 Fashion Week

UNISEXXXY: Carrie Hammer SS16 Fashion Week

Sponsored by Dove. With a tagline to set the tone.

Carrie Hammer SS16 introduced Role Models Not Runway Models.

The Carrie Hammer brand targets professional women with attire ranging from dresses to cardigans, blazers, and jumpsuits. Solids and simple patterns on everyday staples.

Now who would be appropriate to walk the Role Models not Runway Models show?? Strong female figures in the professional sphere. Entrepreneurs. Leaders. Trend Setters. Vice Presidents. Directors.

Women, who undoubtedly, have made an imprint in society, through their vast contributions to the workforce and by breaking barriers and inspiring other women to do the same. 

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What I loved most about the show – the ladies all looked so happy and full of life. They were beaming with joy and confidence and most importantly, having fun!!

I caught a shimmy, some dancing, a kiss blown, and an unmistakable wink. One model threw her sweater to the crowd. The catwalk never looked so inviting!

This was not a show where the girls were instructed to give RBF.

The looks complimented a wide range of women. From waist size, height, skin color, you name it, this was no cookie cutter casting.

Photo Sep 10, 1 59 11 PM Photo Sep 10, 2 09 08 PM

The collection Carrie Hammer showcased for SS16 revealed personality to match attire. The show was entertaining. The collection was elegant and flattering for all. And the crowd fell in love with inspirational but also relatable models, and the outfits they rocked down that runway!

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