UNISEXXXY: Color Rebel for Pebbles

UNISEXXXY: Color Rebel for Pebbles

Every once in awhile, I think we all get that bug to let loose. Or make a change. What better time than Halloween?! 

Naturally a brunette, and blessed with a thick mane, I chose Pebbles Flintstone to be my temporary identity shift. But, how authentic would a brunette Pebbles be?! Exactly!

So I went all in… My transformation below.

Starting me with me au naturel (before applying product).

Photo: Kelsey Leiter

Enter my assistant, Redken Color Rebel…

It’s makeup for your hair. For this costume, Without a Coral, did the trick!

PHOTO: Peter Joe Photography

Nailed it! Pebbles Flinstone come to life! And the best part…after a kickass, authentic costume, I just washed my hair, beard and eyebrows three times in the shower. Ten minutes later, I was back to me! 

So fun and simple and creative!

If you want to play dress up, or try out a new color for your IRL look, I suggest the safer side of rebellion, and testing out the shade before a permanent shift. YES, dress-up is unisexxxy!

THE UNISEXXX® BRAND: a label stripped of all labels

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(photo by Peter Joe)

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  1. Lauren Cosenza

    NAILED IT indeed.

    Awesome job. xoLC