UNISEXXXY: Complexion Perfection

UNISEXXXY: Complexion Perfection
The change of seasons calls for a change not only in fashion, but also in skincare.
Prepping you for days you may feel washed out or wake up to a pesky pimple or dry skin… or maybe you just want to be fabulous all year thru, ’cause why not?! 
Sharing with you my top 5 favorites for Summer into Fall skin solutions…
A different kind of face lift (without the surgery)… at least you’ll feel that way after all the dirt, oil and bacteria you’re face has been storing have been lifted. Formulated with aloe vera, oatmeal, and white clay amongst other ingredients, this will reduce shine, remove toxins and leave your face feeling softer and purified.
Hydrating your skin is always crucial, but especially after it has absorbed the heat and toxins of the Summer months! I recommend moisturizing the body with emerginC products, as they are formulated with all-natural, organic ingredients and infused with essential vitamins your body needs. This total body lotion also supports anti-aging and toning effects for your skin. 
Fake Bake Flawless Darker (~$15 on Amazon)
Most of us are fans of nice, even-toned, bronzed skin. Orange hues, absolutely not! I’m always skeptical of testing new self-tanners on my skin, but I find this one to be extremely natural looking! It’s also easy to apply and doesn’t streak. Let them think you woke up like ‘dis (flawless and tan). I most definitely will continue use throughout the cooler months! 
Absolutely PERF for spot treatment! And incredible for seasonal-change breakouts! In a matter of minutes I literally feel the puffiness softening and visibly noticed the redness improving. By far, one of the most reliable acne treatments I’ve ever used. (PS, it’s a DIVAfave!!)
This is just what you need to continue the healing process, and coverup while doing so! Not as strong as Mario Badesco’s drying lotion, but formulated with ingredients that aid in deep clean while concealing. Miracle Skin Transformer comes in 4 different shades to match skin tone and can be used under the eyes or on the face. Concealing the blemish while treating the spot?! DOUBLE WIN!
My top 5  Summer to Fall skin solutions help you live in the now and the future. Taking care of your skin with the proper regimen and changing it up here-n-there (especially with the change of seasons) will give you a healthier, happier glow!  

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  1. Lauren Cosenza

    LOVE that you plan to use Flawless Darker into the Fall. “Goonies never say die.”