UNISEXXXY: Hats Off, Folks

UNISEXXXY: Hats Off, Folks

Hats. Such a fun accessory! There’s so much play with ’em. Dressed up. Casual. All the in-between.

UNISEXXXY, of course.

And to prove it, we did a little his ‘n hers, mix ‘n match, millinery mashup….

Starting with the trapper (or badger) hat.

Cute. Fluffy. Warm. Should be past its prime any day now (hello spring??) so I say, enjoy one last wear and pack it up! #honeybadgerdontcare

Moving on to the classic cap.

Sports caps are great for athletic events, active environments, outdoor outings. or other. Anything to match a relaxed mood.

A simple, solid (or finely striped) hat is classic and chic and can spark a bit of edge to any dress code. #UNISEXXXapproved

Finally, the fedora.

A statement piece. NOT a fan of the fedora in the beginning, I admit. But now over the fear ‘I can’t pull it off.’ Trust me, you can too. We all can. And while it has earned somewhat of a bad reputation, the fedora is badass. Fitting for #beautymafia.


A classic case of function over fashion. Safety first, kids! Seriously, helmut up on that citibike or vespa or harley.

Now — I suggest to break in the fit of any hat with some fun, new swagger. Sharing a few of my favorite phrases and their recommended body gestures:

  • I tip my hat to you (place fingers and hold on edge of hat).
  • A tip of the hat to you (keep your head still, eye to eye, and gently tilt your hat with your hand).
  • Top of the mornin’ to ya (slightly knod your head down while holding the edge of your hat, simultaneously).

You’re ready for your closeup. And by closeup, I mean hat selfie.

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