UNISEXXXY: I say Yo! You say Ahhh (ft. Yo Derm)

UNISEXXXY: I say Yo! You say Ahhh (ft. Yo Derm)

In society, it’s become apparent to me that we all relate on different elements of self esteem. Money. Appearance. Relationship status. The list goes on.

When it comes to skin and fears of Acne. Dark spots. Blemishes. Dry patches. T-zone shine. Pore size. Texture. Blackheads. (And the others I can think of that may be best not described.)… They’re all real. We all can be subject to them. Not to mention the scares with stigmatized skin rashes and diseases.

Well, what if I shared that you could be treated by a dermatogoist for any skin condition from the privacy and comforts of your own home — or anywhere from your own mobile device — in no time at all?

I was given a complimentary trial of a new skincare service that does away with the doctors’ office waiting room (and the infamous obscenely long and disrespectful waits) and actually going to the doctor’s office altogether.

Introducing YoDerm

After reviewing the service myself, I must say I am very pleased!

How does it work?

You create an account with a very simple new patient questionnaire. Same as you would fill out in person.




You receive a confirmation email with a prompt for a consultation with a dermatologist.

There is a set of questions to complete, the same as you would if you met in-person at the doctor’s office. There’s also an option to explain in your own words additional info about your skin concerns.

Now is the part where you are under the ‘scope.

The part when you get super self conscious because there is a microscope on your skin! (Of course, just about every insecurity in my skin on that day naturally flared up…)

Well with this, it’s just you and the technology. Sigh of relief! As the brand puts it, “Treat your acne without leaving your home”

Check out my DMV/passport mugshot x dermatology inspection submittal below…



You will then get a thank you note and a confirmation that a doctor would have a referral and prescription (if necessary) ready for you.

It literally felt so quick…it was like I have these issues with my skin…and I had my results in less than half the time that was initially estimated.

Alerts can also be sent via text message

So totally accommodating for a doctor… and a DERM. Hello?! It really is worth a try.

My recommendations hit three problematic areas and suggested two over-the-counter purchases and one prescription (with coupons YoDerm provided, the cost was only $10).

It’s basically “Yo Derm, I need your help. But my schedule is real busy. Can we just do this via email?!” And the doctor comes back with “Ahhh okay I understand the condition and concerns. Here are my recommended solutions.”

There is also an option for either side to speak further or ask the other party questions and share concerns, if any.

And prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy added by the user when setting up their profile.

SO simple!

And actually pretty personal. I looked up the doctor’s credentials and saw his picture too. I didn’t feel so estranged.

I’ve now been using the recommended products for about a month and I am happy to say my problem areas have improved!

I found the experience to be practical, professional and affordable. And surprisingly personable!

Takin’ care of your health and your skin. Totes UNISEXXXY! And finding a way that caters to your lifestyle and accommodates your schedule. YES to all that, obvi!

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NOTE: This post is not sponsored. Complimentary service was provided. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. 

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