UNISEXXXY: The Italian HUE (ft Fall Fashion)

UNISEXXXY: The Italian HUE (ft Fall Fashion)

It’s that time of year again! FALL. Cooler nights requiring coats and cardigans, blazers and scarves… heavier knits are becoming everyday staples when getting dressed.

And traditionally speaking, we have our staple fall colors such as forrest green, olive, navy, pumpkin, and mustard. But in my recent travels abroad to Sicily, Rome, Umbria, Tuscany and Sardinia, while I observed different styles in the different regions, one thing remained constant: And it lied in HUE.

This year, Italians are going with a much more neutral palette. Ice blue, tan, grey, champagne and blush comprise the seasonal color story,

And though it is every New Yorker’s go-to, I spotted little to no black!

I was inspired by the fresh take on a season traditionally full of clichéd color. And of course, picked up some new Italian style finds for my NYC closet!

Back in the states I asked LC if she would pull these unexpected shades from her wardrobe too for a fun photoshoot challenge showcasing a new take on Fall Fashion.

With that, The Diva and I bring you Fall 2016 Fashion reinterpreted Italian-Style…


Think GQ meets Vogue Italia.

My inspo was a beautiful blue sky. Modeling that, I bring you shades of blue on blue on blue. The sky graduated in its hue.

This outfit was found at Inserillo in Palermo, Sicily and I’m loving these muted blues in non-denim fabrics.



And because all skies aren’t just blue, throw some cotton-ball puffs in the air. Some texture in a sunset sky.

Lauren pairs a pretty blush-toned palette with a bondage-inspired dress, a faux fur cropped coat, studded suede heels and monochromatic stunner shades.




Think of your favorite car driving down the road. How would you picture yourself getting out of it. What would you be wearing?

I went with a charcoal base that included jeans, a hoodie and t-shirt. Accented with a simple brown blazer and these FABULOUS narrow camel square-toed slip-ons I snagged for only 25 Euro!! Oh and the highly waxed shine on that car…is the inspiration for these frames. Highly reflective! Another steal…3 Euro…on the beach in Cefalu, Sicily! The blazer I caught at a shoppe in the Naples airport on clearance! (Oh yea, I’m talking total fashion steals but still thinking of that Lamborghini)!!




LC slayed her texture mashup! I fell in love when I saw her pick! It spoke to me, saying.”I could own the night… but I’ll rock brunch instead.”

Lauren mixed and matched unexpected textures by adding an oversized faux fur vest over a sequin crop top, silky brown shorts and suede nude kitten heels. Also a fan of high-low fashion, LC’s vest is from Target, sequined tee and silky shorts from Forever21 and pointy-toe pumps from Manolo Blahnik.





I’m talking Cozy Chic! Knits, cotton, shearling… cardigans, vest, blazers…

I rocked a charcoal grey deep V with some stone washed denim as my base. Complimented with a paisley tan blazer topped with a beige cardigan. Because…well can you ever really understand the weather this time of year?! Ready for whatever the day brings.




And for her final look, Lauren piled on shades of cream with a thermal long-sleeve top and an asymmetrical tulip-hem skirt plus a cozy faux shearling vest.




Whether it’s the sky, or something shiny and sparkly, or a cozy couch in a local cafe – allow yourself the possibility of limitless inspiration. Fuse it into your being. Recreate what HUE means to YOU.

I encourage everyone to travel like a DIVA. Try and find the most authentic food of the native land. Observe the design and architecture; it can be really fascinating! Always stop for art. And most definitely, FASHION.

Pick up more than just culture when you travel. It’s molto UNISEXXXY, bellos!

THE UNISEXXX® BRAND: a label stripped of all labels

UNISEXXXY: universal beauty fashion design lifestyle



NOTE: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. 

Photos by Lauren Cosenza, property of DIVAlicious.



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