UNISEXXXY: It’s better RAW [ft. RawTrition]

UNISEXXXY: It’s better RAW [ft. RawTrition]

Sometimes we look at someone and our mind immediately wants to create their story without really having a clue about their path. Race. Sexuality. Background. Career. The list of labels goes on and on… One that reigns supreme that we are all guilty of at some time or other — assuming or guessing one’s age. The checklist we start in our head as we scan for signs of aging: Eyes. Skin. Hair. Health. Physique. When beauty strikes, I acknowledge it. And when it’s beauty in nature, I have appreciation. When it’s a beautiful man or woman, I give a compliment. Struck by his noteworthy glow, youthfulness and sophisticated poise…I had to know more! Introducing Kairi Jeffries… and RAWtrition.

paul christopher_rawtrition 3Photo Feb 21, 5 35 42 PMPhoto Feb 21, 5 36 59 PM(** You guys, note how nourished my hair is after one month of use! **)

Sitting down with Kairi, I learned that not only is he a gentleman who is full of life but also, a Creator. Inventor. Entrepreneur. And… if you were still wondering… older than I imagined.

What’s his motto?

Stay young forever and KICKASS at the same time.

What’s his secret?

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Influenced by his desire to “obtain and sustain great health, both physically and mentally, and to make sure that his body is taken care of” while substituting caffeine, Kairi sought a formula that would make him feel nourished naturally and energized without the overly-stimulated, wired feeling.

He discovered the power of RAW and created a dietary supplement. It serves up a serious boost of energy, vitality, awareness, focus, productivity, and overall nutritional intake. Kairi elaborated on the natural capabilities of the different ingredients, and shared the main reasons he selected each for the formula.

Here are the highlights that really WOW’ed me:

Organic Spirulina: is the only complete whole food on earth and has the full array of proteins, beta-carotene, vitamin E, some fatty acids amongst a slew of other nutritional faves! Spirulina helps promote an alkaline pH balance within the body and also supports a healthy immune system response.

Chlorella: great for detoxifying (including metals) and purifying the body. Chlorella is known as the richest natural source of chlorophyll – deep cleansing agent. Contributes to healthier digestion. Acts as a natural deodorant and breath freshener. Supports a balanced pH and healthy energy levels.

Organic Maca Root powder: fruit found in Peru, great for stamina, energy, and focus. Also has the ability to strengthen and support reproductive processes for both men and women.

Raw Organic Cacao powder: cold pressed cacao is one of the densest forms of food on earth. It has great abilities to rejuvenate the mind and relax the body. As one of the highest levels of antioxidants on the planet, cacao supports youthful, beautiful skin, hair, and nails.  Also helps maintain strong bones and teeth.

Tongkat Ali: helps maintain muscle density. Boosts Stamina. Balances hormones and testosterone. Improves agility.

Green Tea Extract Powder: fights against heart disease, dementia, certain types of cancer (including prostate), and reduces the risk of developing type 1 diabetes. Promotes weight loss. Gives focus without shakiness (from caffeine).

Organic Beet Root powder: Regulates blood pressure. Increases energy. Makes your blood vessels and capillaries healthier. Detoxifying. Helps protect against fatty deposits in the liver and boosts the immune system.

Dunaliella Salina: high concentration of beta-carotene and glycerol. Natural mixed carotenoids found in Dunaliella salina are among nature’s best antioxidants.

Haematococcus Pluvialis: a red algae that is anti-inflammatory and aids in blood pressure regulation. Additionally, it serves as an anti-wrinkle agent for the skin and enhances immunity and energy metabolism.

To recap…. What can one expect from adding RawTrition into their life?

A full spectrum of added nutrition and improved energy levels, suitable for all.

Additional health benefits…

  • Up to 4000% daily nutritional value in certain areas (beta-carotene, for example)
  • Contains minerals and essential fatty acids
  • Chock full of antioxidants, too
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Great for hair, skin and nail growth

With a growing number of overly satisfied customers and many tell-all testimonials including claims that the product has even helped to bare arthritis pains, I’m personally confident in the results Rawtrition delivers. I’ve seen noticeable changes since starting it and Kairi has taken it for over 15 years.

In fact, if you can believe, he’s 42 and modeling on the side. He gets cast for guys younger than him and works alongside guys much younger!

Looking healthy from head-to-toe (and feeling ageless) is UNISEXXXY! And with Rawtrition…you’re bound to see the benefits on the outside while your body absorbs the nutrients on the inside. Yaaaaaaas!

THE UNISEXXX® BRAND: a label stripped of all labels

UNISEXXXY: universal beauty fashion design lifestyle



NOTE: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Photos are property of DIVAlicious.

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