DIVA DOES… La Bella Mafia

DIVA DOES… La Bella Mafia

When Paul Christopher says “it’s very Madonna meets The Jersey Shore… in the best of ways. It’s got that bit of edge and ya just want more.” I feel him. Because the bold colors and patterns paired with the sexy styles and fit of La Bella Mafia are hardcore haute.

And if you’re like us, and your workout wear gets you motivated to seriously sweat, this line will have you looking HOT AF in no time.

la-bella-mafia-divalicious_2 la-bella-mafia-divalicious_1

I mean…. two paisans in beauty mafia apparel. WINNING.

But can we first talk about this MESH???

The “Powerful” top is only $39 and is supadupa cute for her AND him. It gives a bit of coverage while still breathing and showing some skin. We amped up the new Rihanna to shoot it… werk werk werk werk werk.

PS, Paul has other plans for it besides the spin studio and kickboxing gym…

Can you say, summer lovin’?

PC explains, “The sheer mesh makes me really work for that beach bod. AND it’s totes beach worthy!”

I have to agree. Exposed midriff definitely makes you want to go full throttle with the circuit and the cardio. And it also discourages any sweets or wasted cocktail calories. AND it’s a perfect coverup for the pool or ocean!



The pants are BOMB too. We could live in them.

The Bella Mafia leggings mostly go for $69 and only badass boss babes need apply. Click on the selection to see why.

I tested the Skull Artsy Legging which got immediate approval from my fitness-obsessed husband.

They definitely up my (not-as-fitness-obsessed) game because the girl that wears those pants better be good.

Paul tried the Marble Ice Sweats, which are $79 like most of this style on the site. These bottoms, like the mesh top, were in the women’s section but we don’t care much for labels. Personal style is individual. Incredible style is universal. Paul’s style is unisexxxy.


Paul put it best, “When your workout clothes are hot enough for the club, the only thing missing is the DJ. And some classes even have one.”

OH – and La Bella Mafia isn’t just a one-trick pony.

They’ve got some cozy loungewear too.

la-bella-mafia-divalicious_6 la-bella-mafia-divalicious_7

The 1st Verberall Capri Sweat Pants ($79) are Netflix & Chill to the max.

Helloooo new cuddletime couch-wear.



La Bella Mafia delivers on that fierce fitspo and that casual chic. DIVAlicious indeed.



Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

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