DIVA DOES… An at-home massage by a total stranger, ft. Soothe Massage

DIVA DOES… An at-home massage by a total stranger, ft. Soothe Massage

I had a complete stranger booked through an iphone app come into my home on a Friday night and give me a full-body massage.

Needless to say, I had a little anxiety beforehand.

Some of the thoughts that passed through my mind:

  • How do I know this person isn’t a Craigs-List killer type?
  • How do I know this person will be professional? Clean? Any good?
  • Will the experience be too awkward to enjoy in my own living room?

I mean, I work in beauty and obviously I know tons of people who get at-home hair and makeup services and that these apps all vet the artists and stylists in advance, but with massage it’s a little different…

Mostly because you are fully or almost-fully naked.

And that can get weird.


So when I was first offered a Soothe massage, I declined. I had read somewhere that you could not choose the gender of the massage therapist and I personally was not down for a random dude in my apartment oiling me up. Nor did I think my husband walking into that after a long workweek would be a good time for him.

But the Soothe PR rep assured me that I could in fact select my preference for male or female.

So I downloaded the app and went through some simple steps to book the appointment.


Once I made my various selections and chose my date and time, I was confirmed with Stacy S. who had a 5 star rating. (Note: All users rate their Soothe massage therapist after their appointment.)

Then I was advised, in-app through a series of screens, on what to expect.

Soothe Massage App

All good.

A week later, at 5:45pm, my lobby buzzed up that Stacy had arrived. She’d come a little early so she’d have time to set up.

I had moved the coffee table in my living room to the side so we had plenty of space.

In terms of set-up (and later breakdown), Stacy was quick, clean and tidy. She set up her table in no time and then put some coconut oil into a bowl. I asked her why she uses coconut oil versus traditional massage oil and she said she likes that it’s natural, but that she could also use cream or any of the other options she had with her. I love coconut oil so I was on board but just curious. PS – Stacy liquifies the semi-hardened coconut oil in her hands which also serves to warm it, which was an added benefit.

In terms of the massage itself, Stacy was super professional and very skilled.

She asked in advance if there were any areas to focus on or avoid during my 90 minute service. She gave me privacy while changing and getting under the sheet. She also offered to play music she had with her (a wide-ranging assortment to satisfy anyone’s taste) or I could choose to play my own, which I did.

And she made sure I was comfortable. Since you are in your own home when you get a Soothe massage, you control the temperature. This may not seem like a big thing, but if you’ve ever paid to get a massage at a fancy spa and it’s been too cold or too hot and you cannot relax or get comfortable during the service, you know how major that is.

Your home, your control over the environment. You can set it up just as you like it. The same went for lighting. Stacy was fine with any amount of light that I wanted so we went with one dim light in an adjoining room.

Then she worked her magic. And I felt like I could melt right into the table.

She was awesome.

Stacy worked out my knots as needed and balanced that more focused, deeper work with Swedish-style strokes.

It was pretty much bliss.

We chatted here and there a few times but she really followed my lead in terms of how much communication we had. At one point, when starting on the backs of my legs, she did ask, “So where do you spin?” IMPRESSIVE.

When Stacy was done, I loved that I could just hop in my own shower for a quick rinse or go to bed early or just chill. There was no having to get fully dressed, check out at a spa, travel home or elsewhere… It was totally seamless and simple and relaxing and zen.

Since everything is handled via the app (think Uber), there is no paying, tipping, or additional thinking involved.

VERDICT: I would 100% use Soothe again and absolutely recommend it. 

You can arrange for a Soothe massage in the comforts of your home or your hotel room if you are traveling. You can also use it with someone else or even with a group.

And it’s just such a nice luxury.

Go to the Soothe website to see which cities/areas offer Soothe massage and also get info on other FAQs. In NYC, the pricing is $129 for 60 minutes, $179 for 90 minutes and $219 for 120 minutes. Since you don’t have to go anywhere, you also save any out-of-pocket travel costs. Based on my experience, I think it’s worth every penny and I will be using the service again. You can also give Soothe as a gift which would make you a really really great friend.



Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

NOTE: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Service was provided for editorial consideration.

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  1. BDC

    This is SUCH a great idea, but to be honest, I would never have used it without this review. I would have the same fears but this sounds really awesome and the perfect way to end a long week or get a boost in the middle of it. :) I never thought of how much better it would be to not have to walk into the city after the serenity of a massage.

  2. Lauren Cosenza

    I honestly was on the fence about it at first, but to see that the therapists are vetted by the company and also rated by users and that you can pick the gender made me more comfortable. I will definitely use the service again. I think the pricing, as compared to NYC spas, is amazing and you have all the comforts of your own home too. AND so long as a therapist in your area is available, you can book at the last minute. Once you’ve had a massage with Soothe, you also have the option of rebooking that same therapist. So getting another one is a no-brainer for me now. Let me know if you end up trying it! xoLC

  3. Christophe

    Excellent post!
    I think you highlight the key of this kind of service : TRUST
    And trust really, really depends on the platform where you book such services.
    You have don’t book a massage working within Soothe but a Soothe massage. That’s the difference making trust.