UNISEXXXY: Featuring Marc Jacobs

UNISEXXXY: Featuring Marc Jacobs

A greater shift in unisex appeal is not only trending in fashion but now boldly in beauty too. 

Yes, androgyny has its strong (and ever-growing) following.

Take a look, guys…

Boy tested, Girl approved.

By Marc Jacobs. A brilliant designer breaking a societal hex by delivering a makeup line that’s marketed as UNISEX!

While the world of makeup and beauty has not been explored with much curiosity by the average male, makeup is a hugely creative form that should not be stigmatized with a feminine label. In addition to artistry, makeup conceals, corrects, perfects, enhances and more.

So beginning with my own nude face, coated in only my daily serum and moisturizer, LDiva gave me a simple Marc Makover!

With a quick application of Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation plus Remedy Concealer Pen and Perfection Powder at Sephora Soho, in under 5 minutes, my status shifted from basic (and slightly blemished) to TWO Cute to Boot!!

Can you say PC tested, LC approved?!

LEFT: Inside Sephora Soho. RIGHT: Outside on Broadway in Soho.

Whether you wake up feeling Josie Grossie or spot a pesky pimple or suffer from razor burn, a little makeup can do the trick, for him or her! That’s right, for YOU.

Oh yeah, it’s #UNISEXXXY.

UNISEXXXY: universal beauty fashion design lifestyle

UNISEXXX: a label stripped of all labels.