REVIEW: Vincent Longo Silk Velour Mulberry Lipstick

REVIEW: Vincent Longo Silk Velour Mulberry Lipstick

In a single sentence, I get nothing but compliments when I wear this lipstick

Its plum hue is great for ladies who, like myself, have a light to fair complexion. On this skintone, the color definitely pops as a statement lip.

The best thing about this shade is that it works for both day and night. You can go matte for a bold sophisticated day look, then apply gloss for a sexy night out (ps, your lips will sparkle in dim lighting).

My only must-share tip for this product is to be sure to moisturize your lips before application and over time. As with most semi-matte and matte lipsticks, it tends to dry your lips the longer the wear, therefore balm is necessary to prep lips and to refresh every few hours.

Ladies, this lipstick is definitely worth its hefty pricetag ($23). You will not be disappointed! With one dab, you can tell it’s made with refined pigments. And if you are a Lipstick Lover, you know that most lipsticks almost always fail to look like the color in the tube when applied to lips. Not so here. In fact, the Vincent Longo lipstick is so rich in color, you can skip applying concealer over your lips to get true color payoff.

Looks like I’ve found my soul mate and will be breaking up with my Nars lipsticks…

– @FierceFarrah

Note: This post is not sponsored. Sample was provided for review.