REVIEW: Givenchy Eclat Matissime Fluid Foundation with Sunscreen

REVIEW: Givenchy Eclat Matissime Fluid Foundation with Sunscreen

I am absolutely in LOVE with this foundation! It is my new go-to. And here are the reasons why:

1. It’s NOT overpriced. To be honest, I’ve always avoided the Givenchy section at Sephora because of my assumption of a prestige (read: very high) pricepoint; it turns out, their products are not as expensive as you would think. This foundation is $51 and worth it.

2. It’s as advertised. What I like most about this foundation is that it’s “airy and light.” When you’re wearing this foundation, you almost forget that you have it on. No women should ever cringe because they feel their foundation seep into their pores or, conversely, sit above their skin weighing it down.

3. It covers effortlessly. One pump for normal coverage, two for full. This foundation is very pigmented; therefore a little dab can really go a long way. One application in the morning can last until the end of the workday! If I’m going out for the night, it’s one more pump for a quick touch up. Truthfully, I can confidently skip the concealer (and I have been for the past few weeks)!

4. It has a flawless matte finish. Another feature of the foundation is its matte finish. The finish helps reduce shine on the face, but if you have dry skin, don’t worry, the foundation doesn’t dry out your skin either. It blends so well with my combination skin and creates an enviable, even skin tone.

5. It smells refreshing! This foundation is as refreshing as a sip of cold spring water on a hike. And if it’s refreshing to my nose, something makes me believe it has to be refreshing for my skin as well!

BONUS!!! Looking for a Primer to use with?

Pair it with Stila. My favorite primer to use with the Givenchy Foundation is the new Stila- Stay All Day Prime & Anti-Shine Balm. The combination of the two products is really a match made in heaven. The balm creates a matte base that sets the stage for the foundation to show off its fully pigmented potential.

Here’s a picture to showcase the great coverage, using just one pump of foundation and without any concealer.

I have nothing but rave reviews for this foundation (plus the primer), and the only adjustment that I could suggest be made with this product is to switch to a control nozzle. It’s impossible to get a half pump with the current product design and sometimes it feels like a waste. While it’s worth the money, I want to be able to use every drop!

– @FierceFarrah

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