UNISEXXXY: In a New York Minute

UNISEXXXY: In a New York Minute

I had a wedding to go to and was in need of a quick pick-me-up! As in… SkinSmileStrands.

Mask of Magnaminty 

SKIN. Of course a day at the spa with a one-hour facial would have been FANTABULOUS! But, let’s be real, time and/or money does not always permit that luxury. So why not do as I do and turn your bathroom into a steam room by running hot water and closing the door. It will get your pores to open for exfoliation. Removing deep rooted dirt, oil, and layered buildup, I find this face mask from Lush to be one of the strongest and most thorough. Not to mention fresh and handmade.


SMILE. White is NOT just for the bride. For under $20 (shipping & tax included), get yourself a Britenz pen. Considering I’ve professionally whitened my teeth more than once, I was a bit skeptical on this one. It was sent for review and I didn’t really have high hopes. To my surprise, I noted a subtle improvement on just day one (of three)! I received compliments all weekend long, especially from those I don’t see often. It gave me an #instaboost of confidence and I grinned wide for flicker, facebook, instagram, twitter… 


STRANDS. Knowing my hair would need to withstand hours of mingling and making moves on the dancefloor, I decided to infuse it with an extra dose of natural goodness for volume and shine. The spearmint/peppermint combo in this treatment awakened my scalp with a fresh minty tingle. The extra virgin olive oil and honey revived my overall hair condition. Ahhhhhhh (silent sigh).

Move over newlyweds, I’m ready for my #PhotoOpp. 

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Note: This post is not sponsored. Britenz sample was provided for review.

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  1. GaYoung Kwon

    LOVE mask of magnaminty…does wonders for my pores, and smells like mint chocolate ice cream!