UNISEXXXY: Harbison FW15

UNISEXXXY: Harbison FW15


In reality, Spring is approaching. In the fashion world, it’s two seasons ahead.

Going backstage at this year’s New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015, Harbison embodied the essence of bold sophistication.


A striking visual of primary colors, red and yellow, blended with fashion basics, white, grey and black. Loose fitted, but capturing the flow of one’s physique.

Wearing clothes that compliment your form, but aren’t snug to the body, has unisexxxy appeal.You look Chic. Comfortable. Confident.

MAKEUP by Bobbi Brown

Simply the look when you go outside and cold, brisk wind hits your face (right now in New York almost everyday), models stood with naturally radiant skin enhanced with flushed, rosy cheeks. Get the look with Bobbi Brown Tinted MoisturizerBlush, and Bronzer.

A smooth, glowing complexion is unisexxxy! And easy to maintain all-year-round.

HAIR by Ammon Carver and L’ANZA Healing Oil Haircare

Bed-ready in the front with textured definition in the back, use L’ANZA Healing HairCARES Dry Texture Spray for texture, L’ANZA Refine Styling Pomade for definition.

Versatile for a range of hair types and styles, we spy unisexxxy locks.

Overall, the collection and its complementary beauty look is classic and refined. Nothing stiff and or requiring too much work. Harbison FW15 reinforces the less is more motto.

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