As we age, we look for ways to bring us back to the younger years. Baby face or that inner child.

Vivienne Tam SS16 takes us back to eras gone: The 70s and 80s.

All models, men and women, were given the same look for hair, makeup and nails.

Hair Lead, Leon Gorman, for Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa:

The look is a school girl look. The hair is very natural. We’ve incorporated a bit of 80s technique with a lot of mousse worked through the crown and through the front of the hairline, all combed back to shape the head. Diffused the hair around to texturize the shape. And leave the back natural.

Using Kérastase products, step-by-step:

  1. Smoothing Lotion was applied to give hair that healthy shine.
  2. Starting mid-length of hair, Mousse was combed from front to back, to catch the shape of the head.
  3. Then taking it back to an old-school technique, a head wrap was then placed tightly around the top section of the hair. After applying Kérastase Blow Dry Cream, a hair diffuser was used while drying hair to ensure hair set properly.
  4. Hairspray gave the finishing touch, ensuring maximum hold.

Photo Sep 14, 5 02 38 PM

Maude Laceppe, makeup lead:

The look this season is very cool, fresh, dynamic, outdoor girl. Imagine a girl coming from California and surfing or skateboarding. Super young and low key. Fresh and pinky cheeks and tip of the nose is flush. Very dewey. Soft and sexy. And we are drawing body art tattoos, using an eyeliner. Otherwise, super natural.

Recreate the look with MAC Cosmetics products: Cremeblend Blush and Strobe Creme.

Photo Sep 14, 5 40 26 PM

Nail Lead, Iwona Opiola, for Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa:

Very simple manicure. Matte. No polish involved. We shaved the nails around. Cleaned the cuticles where they’re sticking out. We matted the top of the nail with a buffer. Just to clean and smooth, not buffed to shine. The look is matte because the aesthetic is like a young girl or boy. Very natural. No maintenance.

Using Essie’s Matte About You, recreate the look:

  1. File nails to a rounded shape. Apply CND Cuticle Away as needed
  2. Lightly buff nails. Carefully remove loose cuticles.
  3. Dehydrate nail plates with acetone. This will prevent polish from chipping.
  4. Apply 2 coats of Matte About You polish
  5. Add hydration to dry cuticles with CND Solar Oil.

Vivienne Tam SS16 showcased a fun, whimsical runway. Inspired by free spirited, androgynous looks. Complimented by art deco street style..  Bracing a soft juxtaposition with tamed hair and makeup, that is oh so UNISEXXXY!

THE UNISEXXX® BRAND: a label stripped of all labels

UNISEXXXY: universal beauty fashion design lifestyle



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