UNISEXXXY: Slip-In To Fall

UNISEXXXY: Slip-In To Fall

I’m forever a fan of the change of seasons — and you know a change in weather calls for a change in fashion! So toss the sandals aside, and ease your way back into socks & sneaks & boots.

The summer/fall transition, as always, permits for some definite overlap…

Why not step in and slip on some #UNISEXXXY?

With tons of seasonal variety, I’ve narrowed the focus down to my faves, serving up style and quality at the right price, with a spotlight on 3 hot trends.

1. Animal Print

The beauty of an animal print is no stranger to fashion. Both women AND men can show off their wild side. Very much a statement piece, yet still versatile, I’ll always love the zoo in a shoe!

 2. Camo Chic

Another that’s held its reign in fashion… the all-American military print. From hats to hoodies, crop tops to cargo pants, I love to see it reach down to his and her feet. Head to toe (but never in the same outfit) you can’t go wrong with camo

3. Studs & Spikes

Check the box for rockstar, guysgals! Far beyond basic bedazzling, metallic hardware ups your cool quotient. Embrace cutting-edge style in a high-top. 

PERF for he and she, Fall Footwear is fun and versatile. Get your swag on!

UNISEXXXY: universal beauty fashion design lifestyle

UNISEXXX: a label stripped of all labels.