UNISEXXXY: Suave Shaving

UNISEXXXY: Suave Shaving

Growing up, shaving appeared to be this grown-up thing to do. Exciting…

But I quickly got over it after I grew a thick enough beard to have to shave more than once a week. 

Shaving, in general, just isn’t the most pleasant activity.  

However, I will be first to say it is a very unisexxxy ritual most tend to gravitate toward. Yes, to be well-groomed…when and where it matters!

And so, I always look for ways to improve my shave.

Enter Somersets Shaving Oil.

I felt total Rico Suave testing this stuff!

Infused with lavender, tea tree oil & rosemary, its three core components purify and hydrate. My skin felt not only smooth and cleansed, but deeply moisturized and well nourished. Oil is also known to prep skin prior to shaving so there is less irritation and fewer ingrown hairs. 

Somersets is made with 100% natural ingredients and does not contain chemicals or preservatives, and does not test on animals. It also stands behinds its line with a money-back guarantee (“the best shave or your money back”).

I experimented on three occasions to gather my analysis — applying to three different hair lengths and each time, pleased with the results. But, preferring it for the shortest stubble. 

For more info or to purchase Somersets shaving oils for men and women, click HERE.

Note: This post is not sponsored. Samples were provided for review.

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