The Dish with DDR: Don’t Dread the Dry Season!

The Dish with DDR: Don’t Dread the Dry Season!

Winter is quickly approaching and with it, head to toe dryness!

Don’t fret though, I’m here to tell you about two products that may just hold the secret to keeping your hair and skin hydrated throughout the frigid months ahead.   

For me, the first parts to become thirsty are my hair and hands.  So, when Shea Terra Organics sent me their Shea Butter Quenching Hair & Body Oil and Brightening Lait Crème to review, I couldn’t wait to start testing.

I used the oil in my hair first before I took a shower, because, well, it is oil and no one wants to go out in public with oily hair…am I right?!  The key is to spritz on your scalp and comb through to the ends of your of your strands. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then shampoo hair as you normally would.  Do this three times a week and your hair will look healthier, refreshed and shiny to boot! 

After my shower, I applied the Lait Crème that contains secret ingredients like camels milk and saffron for a natural brightening and nourishing effect.  My face never felt so soft and smooth!  Oh, and I promise you won’t mind the natural scent of delicious fresh pineapple and coconut. I warn you though, it may have you longing for beach season.  You can thank me later!

For those of you who know be by now, you will know that I love products that are healthy and safe — and if they have a great backstory, that’s an added bonus.  Shea Terra Organics is not only a fab line of products but their legacy for over a decade has been to help Native Africans preserve their wildlife habitats by sharing local ingredients like shea butter with the world.  The vision was to create a marketplace for organic products from third world countries, which will ultimately lessen poverty while also preserving diminishing habitats.  What more could you ask for in a great product line?!   


Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Products were provided as samples for review.