Youth In a Bottle? Close to It.

Youth In a Bottle? Close to It.

There I was, browsing Sephora and playing dress-up as I always did when I popped the last addition to my makeup collection and shimmied up to the counter, ready to see what beauty extras they were offering for 100 and 500 points.  The truth is that I am a Beauty Insider point hoarder and I tend to save up my points and then splurge like crazy in a Blu Cantrell “Hit Em Up Style” sort of fashion.  When I saw the cute purple-and-wooden bottles holding Tarte’s “Pure Maracuja Oil” I was intrigued.  “What does it do? Is it for hair?” I asked the cute could-be-J.Lo’s-sibling saleslady.  “It’s amazing,” she whispered.  

A product deserving a whisper?

Tell me everything.

When the accolades included anti-aging, I was in.  “Five, please,” I said. She smiled. Five-hundred points spent, right then, right there.  There was either snake oil in these suckers or I was about to look 25.  A week after a morning and evening application, I realized the only snake in my life was an ex I was dealing with (burn) and while I didn’t look 25 (yet), I was giving much better face.  My skin felt silky and soft  and never greasy (even post-application) and my fine lines were jumping off of my face faster than I’d run at the sight of Enrique. There was a hydrating effect that seemed to last all day and not only were there no breakouts, my skin was clearer.  Best of all, others were taking notice. I know, it shouldn’t matter what others think, but forest and trees, folks…

“Your skin looks amazing,” said my sincere-to-the-bone friend, Haley.  “Have you been getting more sleep?” asked my friend, Kelly.  I hadn’t. It was the oil. In fact, I loved the results so much that I even felt confident enough to go out sans foundation (but not sans sunscreen) without the slightest concern. Hint: That’s a big deal when two ex’s and two new girlfriends live within a 10 block radius of me.


Serum First

Then moisturizer

Then Oil. Just one squeeze in the applicator.

I then put on my sunscreen and makeup.  I mean, it feels right, but like so many times before in all areas of life, I need to confirm with LDiva if it’s right right.

– Brenda Della Casa

Brenda Della Casa is the author of Cinderella Was Liar, the Editor of Preston Bailey Designs, Founder of Walking Barefoot and a blogger for The Huffington Post.  She and her Chihuahua, Tony Montana, are now doing what they do every day: Plotting to rule the world.


  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Need you even ask?? I’m totally all-oil-everything girl. #OIL. Does a body (and face and nails and hair) good. XOLC

  2. Brenda Della Casa

    Haha, I meant the layering process!

  3. Lauren Cosenza

    Yes, order is correct :) Oils can also be used alone in lieu of moisturizer. So if you want fewer steps, go serum, oil, sunscreen, makeup. If you have oily skin to begin with (or oily areas), wait a few mins for absorption after sunscreen then lightly use a blotting tissue before makeup. XOLC