UNISEXXXY: I wear women’s [PEDI SOCKS]

UNISEXXXY: I wear women’s [PEDI SOCKS]

All day, every day…No.

Like most things, there’s a time and place.

Women’s pedi socks…are PERF. So versatile in use!

1. On a Summer night. (Or a Winter one…when I get home, I just want to take it all off! Then…put just a little back on. Catch my drift?!)

2. When getting a pedicure. Obvi!

3. When exercising. Yoga or Pilates, hello?! YES!

Pedi Socks_UNISEXXXY_Divalicious 4

Notice how stiff and confined the feet look (and feel) to the left. Whereas, on the right… total freedom.

Though there is comfort and warmth that clothing brings, when we can, I think it’s wise to let our bodies breathe.What better compromise than this?! And anyone with hesitation, just think the joys of fingerless gloves! But for your tootsies!

So when you walk in the door, kick off your shoes. Knock off your socks. And pedi sock it up.

BONUS: Give yourself a foot facial or at-home DIY pedicure. I love the original exfoliant foot peel, Babyfoot. 

babyfoot original exfoliant

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NOTE: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own.

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  1. Lauren Cosenza

    PC – I’ve heard with the Baby Feet, you can’t show your feet for about a week, maybe more, while all the dead skin falls off in sheets. Is that true? And then they are truly baby soft? It sounds so gross yet so amazing!! Also hard to do in summer… xoLC

    • Paul Christopher

      Hey LC!

      Well, yes that does sound like a Josie Grossie for sure. And it is, I’ll be honest, I exfoliate my feet every few days in the shower with a paddle grater, so the shedding was on the lighter end I would think. But, I have heard the same from some who use the product. All agree that it is worth the week of weirdness!

      Try it!!!
      xx, pc