UNISEXXXY: Winter SOS (Save Our Skin)

UNISEXXXY: Winter SOS (Save Our Skin)

Adjectives to avoid – regarding not just personality, but also our skin: Dry. Dead. Flaky. 

Guiding you to steer clear of scaly, I suggest bringing on the smooth.

For face. For body. For beyond.

Let’s start with FACIAL SOAPS & CLEANSERS. The Winter may bring on more than chapped skin. Enter random breakouts and dry patches. To protect against, I recommend…

LUSH Dark Angels Cleanser ($12.95 for 3.5oz). A deep cleanse. Soft. And soothing. With a nourishing finish. Sign me up!

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap ($4.99). Skin Imperfections. Who doesn’t have them? A product that detoxifies. Exfoliates. And moisturizes. Yes, I buy one extra to stash. Always.

Now that you’ve revealed the healthy skin below, I suggest prepping the face. For battle. Against… the cold. Shield the brisk air with either of these MOISTURIZERS:

Foxbrim Vitamin C Lotion ($17.95 for 1.7oz). Go beyond oral supplements. Spread vitamins onto the skin. Especially Vitamin C. It protects. Improves skintone (especially from sun damage). And promotes collagen. To name a few.

TURO Sport Lotion + Sunscreen ($35). PERF for the Summer and I say, the Winter too. Moisturizes and blocks UVA and UVB. But also, a thick shield for the cold. Stimulating. And very conditioning. 

Moving down. Below the neckline…go with this BODY WASH + BODY SCRUB:

EVERY Man Jack Body Wash ($6). It starts with coconut. To cleanse. Then, essential oils. To refresh. And seals in moisture with glycerin. My fave is Signature Mint, but the others seem equally gratifying.

Sabon Body Scrub ($33). I love to be cozy. In the Winter, especially. Patchouli Lavendar Vanilla brings me that warmth in its scent. This mineral-rich scrub sheds dry and dead skin. And brings on the glow.

Now that you cleansed and sloughed, replenish the skin with BODY LOTION:

Curél Daily Moisture (About $8). Mom’s fave. And mom knows best. An all-year-round deeply moisturizing protectant. Hydrates all skin types. Heals the dry. And relieves beyond… itchy and irritated skin, too. Conveniently available for purchase at a range of locations.

Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint Body Lotion ($13). The Winter gloom sometimes brings us to hibernation mode. Ease in with this stress-relief lotion. The eucalyptus spearmint fusion brings on an instant calming to the day. 

Go all the way. Go beyond. It WILL make a difference. With these EXTRAS:

OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C Serum ($16.45). That’s right. If you want your Vitamin C to get absorbed rapidly and penetrate deeply, try it in a serum form before you moisturize. The hyaluronic acid also plumps skin, minimizing the look of fine lines.

LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub ($9.95). A sugar exfoliant. Keeping lips soft – and tingly from the fresh peppermint. Satisfying your sweet tooth craving. #YUM

The Winter wreaks havoc head-to-toe. Arm yourself with these skin-savers! #staysoft #staysmooth

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